20/10/2015 - 12.18

3 WAKO PRO title belts to Norway

by Per Ringsby

19th September - Oslo, Norway: promoter Daimi Akin has once again organized and promoted a full contact fight-gala at highest standard.

The fantastic event was held in Oslo centrum for the first time, and national sports politicians were present. Former sports president Børre Rognlien and former president of Olympic center in Norway Jarle Aambø were impressed by the fights and had the pleasure to award the winners giving them each WAKO PRO belt.

An important change of the Norwegian law has occured, in fact Norwegian government has changed the law that has been difficult for all martial arts in the country.
So for the very first time in 15 years the professional title fights lasted for twelve rounds without helmet.

Night atmosphere was unique thanks to the public that gave the best support both to the event and fighters, it was a great experience being there and feeling  the atmosphere.
It was a night packed with high quality amateur and pro fights in national team level from countries as Italy, Germany, Denmark and Norway.

Yury Lakhtikov from Estonia was supervisor and had very good referees in the team.
They had everything under control.

WAKO PRO Champions:

-68 kg (10 rounds) Kseniia Miroshnichenko, Russia vs Birgit Øksnes, Norway (96:97)(94:97)(96:95) -60 kg (10 rounds) Nuriiat Alibakova, Russia vs Thea Therese V Næss, Norway (three times champ) (90:100)(82:100)(90:100)
-88,6 kg (12 rounds) Konstantin Turshin, Russia vs Robert Paulsbyen, Norway KO, 5th round
Norway is looking forward to more WAKO PRO events!