26/06/2015 - 17.34

Another great WAKO PRO event in Serbia

Serbian kickboxing federation in association with Naissus fight team from Niš has promoted "Naissus fight night Nis 2015", WAKO PRO title event.
Event took place in sport hall "Čair" in Niš, Serbia, on Friday, June 19, 2015.
Main event was WAKO PRO European title in low kick division, 78.100 kg between Angel Valdivieso from Spain and Stevan Živković from Serbia. In front of 3.000 spectators and with live broadcasting on National TV station B92, these two fighters showed the best of kickboxing on five memorable rounds. Before the main event two great fights were held with young Serbian fighters involved and also one international WAKO PRO prestige fight in which WAKO World amateur Champion and WAKO PRO European Champion Aleksandar Konovalov knocked out Adrian Horvath from Slovakia with spinning kick in just 40 seconds of first round.
WAKO PRO European title bout put together two brilliant fighters, Stevan Živković, former WAKO World and European Vice-champion and Angel Valdivieso, current WAKO European Champion.
First round was with slow and easy start for both fighters, trying to get their "game" on the field. Second round Stevan started like hurricane with punches to the body and head and he put Angel under the pressure which caused him big problems. But till the end of the round Angel managed to stay on his feet and give something back to Stevan. Third round was also all in Stevan's favour and with huge support of very loud audience in the venue, he tried to put down Angel and finish this bout. But, amazing fighter as Angel is, did again more than everybody expected and came back at the end of the round. After this round Stevan had advantage. Fourth round showed "real steel" Angel Valdivieso and he was the only one in the ring that round. He put Stevan in all kind of troubles but could not finish him. Fifth and the last round was very equal, so at the end Judges had very hard job to do. They scored:
Goran Šimurina from Serbia: 48:48 (advantage Valdivieso)
Jan Frana from Czech Republic: 49:47 for Živković
Michaella Kovachova from Slovakia: 48:47 for Živković
Winner by split decision and new WAKO PRO European Champion in low kick, 78.100 is Stevan Živković from Serbia.
Referee was Zoran Šimurina from Serbia
Supervisor of the event was Srđan Bugarčić, WAKO PRO Technical Supervisor.

Watch video of the fight!

Some of the pictures into the photo album have been taken by photographer Dimitrije Nikolic.