18/06/2019 - 20.57

Belgrade Trophy with WAKO PRO World title in Low kick, 88.600 kg

On Saturday, June 15, Belgrade hosted an excellent WAKO PRO event.

This time, Serbian kickboxing federation together with Belgrade kickboxing federation promoted night GALA of international kickboxing tournament "Belgrade Trophy". The main event was WAKO PRO World title in Low kick, 88.600 kg. The title bout put in the ring two great fighters, Croatian and European champion Luka Zuljevic and Serbian national champion and vice World and European champion, Bojan Dzepina. From the first round both fighters started carefully, examining, without much haste and charge. While Zuljević tried to open the match with constant attacks and pressure, Dzepina was looking for heavy punch to put Luka down. Luka was better in first round using his speed and precise kicks to hold Bojan on distance. The second round brought the same action until the moment when Bojan managed to place power full left hook which put Luka down. Referee of the bout, Zoran Simurina had to count him down. Bojan attacked Luka with full power dropping strong punches, but somehow Luka managed to survive this round. In next two it was better performance by Bojan but he couldn't finish the fight with K.O. The last round was a bit of equal but at the end it was still enough for Bojan to win the title.

The new Champion was awarded with the belt by former World champion in this weight class, one of the best WAKO and WAKO PRO fighters ever, Nenad Pagonis.

On same night also three WAKO PRO National title bouts were held with spectacular fights and new champions. In front of 2000 spectators and with live TV coverage on National TV station O2, fighters presented extremely high level of kickboxing.