18/04/2008 - 15.29


On last  Saturday March 8th ,2008  in Zadar we held  a kickboxing gala called "Confrontation in ring 7". The promoter of the beautiful event was Marko Zaja in cooperation with his club "Pit Bull", Zadar's kickboxing club "Croatia" and under the patronage of  Croatian Kickboxing Federation.


The card of the night scheduled   10 fights in kickboxing, free fight and boxing . As an important part of those fights (5) , we had an international team fights between Croatia and Brazil. Brazil Team was leaded by Mr. Paolo Zorello, and Croatian Team by Predrag Znaor.


In sport hall "Jazine" there were more than 2500 spectators and lot of important guests such as Branko Cikatic - first K1 winner,and former  WAKO champions,  Ante Varnica and Frane Radnic, and world vice champion in full contact, and member of Croatian Boxing Olympic Team for Beijing Olympics - Marko Tomasovic, and lot of others.


Here are the official results:


1. Profi Box, +91 kg, 3x3

Ado Bura (BiH) - Atila Matte (Hun) - won Bura by TKO in 1st round


2. Full Contact: -75 kg, 3x2

Ivica Pernek (Croatia Zd) - Ljubo Korda (Pit Bull) - 3:0


3. Low Kick: -60 kg, 3x2

Antonela Begonja (Croatia Zd) - Marija Malenica (Pit Bull) - 3:0


4. Profi Box, -72 kg, 4x3

Duje Postenjak (Cro, Pit Bull St) - Thomas Hengstberger (Aut) - 3:0


5. Full Contact: -91 kg, 3x2

Marijan Badel (Cro, Sv.Krsevan Zd) - Andrija Perlain (Cro, Pit Bull St) - 1:2


National team fights - Croatia - Brazil:


1. K1: +91 kg, 3x3

Gordan Jukic (Cro, Pit Bull) - Guto Inocente (Bra) - 3:0


2. Low Kick: -86 kg, 3x2

Ante Verunica (Cro, Croatia Zd) - Ariel Machado (Bra) - 1:2


3. Ultimate Fight: -91 kg, 2x5

Maro Perak (Cro) - Jose Buda (Bra) - RSC after 1:37 min - won by Perak


4. K1: -75 kg, 5x2

Marko Benzon (Cro, Pit Bull) - Tadeu Da San Martino (Bra) - 0:3


5. Full Contact: -91 kg, 5x2

Luka Kalmeta (Cro, Pit Bull Zd) - Omar Fatuch (Bra) - 1:2


Croatia - Brazil - 2:3


Next "Confrontation in ring 8" will be in Split, on May 11th, 2008.  between National Team of Croatia and ,for the first time in history, -and the National Team of independent state of Kosovo



Romeo Desa

General Secretary  of Croatian Kickboxing Federation