07/01/2014 - 15.02

“Fight-for-Fun” Summer camp and WAKO PRO World title 2013

From the 14 th  to 18th August 2013, brothers Peter and Michael Kruckenhauser held the 11th “Fight for Fun” training camp in the beautiful Ötztal Alps in Tirol. The 5 day event took place at “Area 47” (www.area47.com), well known throughout the region for having the best outdoor leisure & waterpark.

On offer for the finest class of martial artists were among other things: 3 surfaces. 2 of them around 300 m2 big, the third 150 m2, a water park which includes waterslides, Blobbing, ski jump, and loads more. The restaurant is top notch serving great food to fighters who needed to keep their energy levels up & there is also a bar for some well-deserved drinks in the evening with some good music.

Almost 200 people attended this year coming from all across the world to train with the best. It is fair to say that there is not an event like “Fight for Fun” anywhere else.

For all the great activities on offer in Area 47, what made the event something special was the presence of some of the world’s best fighters and trainers. Raymond Daniels, Jack Felton (USA), Drew Neal (GBR), Tomaz Barada (SLO), Jürgen Lutzny, Peter Zaar, Dennis Siver (GER), Andre Reinders, Vladimir Pisarik (CZ) and Andreas Vock (A).

The Training Units went on from 9:00-17:00 on all 3 surfaces with the trainers changing place every 2 hours. German MMA star Dennis Siver tried his hand at Point- fighting and Light-contact while gaining a whole new group of fans. Raymond Daniels amazed with his agility and technique in Kickboxing. Everyone watching was able to learn a thing or 2.

For the first time ever attending the Fight For Fun camp was Peter Lutzny. One of Germany’s most successful full contact trainers showed exactly why he is considered so highly in the kickboxing world. Other trainers included Peter Zaar, Tomaz Barada, Andre Reinders, Vladimir Pisarik and Drew Neal. All attracted such large numbers of fighters to their training hours that space became very limited.

To cool off after intensive training sessions, people either jumped into the lake or used some of the other great attractions on offer at Area 47. At dinner many of the students shared their new found knowledge they had learned at training.

TV cameras also captured some of the great highlights of the event, as the private Austrian TV Station ATV was there to film, especially the fantastic Martial-Arts Gala. Peter and Michael Kruckenhauser had organized this Gala for the second time and it was not to be missed. Qualification rounds had both K1 Style and Lowkick.

The best qualification fight was without a doubt between Austrian Lirim Ahmeti and Czech Lukas Simek. The fight lasted 5 full rounds and after tense moments the clear winner was Ahmeti. After a short break the audiences undivided attention was then on the main fight.

This fight decided the WAKO Pro World Title female Full-contact. 10 rounds in total of 2 minutes each. Nicole Trimmel amateur World Champion & poster child of Austrian Kickboxing association was challenged by the Finn Anna Katas.

Around 700 spectators were there on this evening to see the bout at Area47 and were rewarded with some outstanding fighting. Already on her entrance, Trimmel looked confident of winning the fight despite the fact that Anna Katas had spoken beforehand of her belief of taking the world title away from Trimmel. She also admitted she had trained hard and prepared well for this moment.

From the get go both women fought aggressively and showed everyone how full-contact kickboxing is truly fought. Even during the final breathtaking rounds both fought with everything they had. Nevertheless, Trimmel looked to have a slight advantage over Katas. Due to this, come the final round, Katas knew that the only way to win was through a knockout and pushed the fight to the very end. In spite of this, Trimmel held on, defended well and took the world title 2:1.

Raymond Daniels, one of the world’s best kickboxers had this to say about the summer camp: „Looking forward to coming back next year. By far the best camp I have ever had the pleasure of attending. If you have never been to this camp then you don't know what you’re missing. Great instruction, awesome venue, beautiful scenery and 1st class organization and production. And to top it off it's put on by the #1 equipment company in the world. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. RD

It is fair to say that the whole event was a great success, with both Kruckenhauser brothers feeling a sense of accomplishment that everyone attending not only had fun but learnt new things that could benefit their training and development in Martial Arts. It will be difficult to top this event next year, but you can be sure that will be the goal.

See pictures from the Gala and the camp at www.fight-for-fun.at