18/12/2014 - 11.08



"SOUL NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS", will take place on Thursday, December 18, 2014, at sport hall "Spens", in Novi Sad (Serbia). This great WAKO PRO event is promoted by Mr. Darko Popivoda, president of company “Mega Promotion System”, in association with Kickboxing federation of Novi Sad and Serbian Kickboxing federation and under the patronage of city of Novi Sad.
Main event of the night will be WAKO PRO World title bout in low kick division under 88.600 kg followed by WAKO PRO European title bout in K1 rules division under 81.400 kg.
In opening program audience will be in position to enjoy four fights with best Serbian and foreign fighters including kickboxing debut of former NBA star Darko Milicic. 
Darko Popivoda, president of Mega Promotion System, announced “Soul Night Of Champions:
- This is a unique opportunity to have in one event, three major fights. Nenad Pagonis will attack the WAKO PRO World title against Agron Preteni from Croatia, Miljan Vidovic will try to win WAKO PRO European title against very strong opponent from Hungary Laszlo Szabo and at the end Darko Milicic, former NBA Champion will have his debut in kickboxing against young Serbian fighter Radovan Radojcin. I am sure that this will be really great entertainment and I would like to take a chance to invite all citizens of Novi Sad to come and enjoy.

Miodrag Jotic, president of Kickboxing federation of Novi Sad, stressed that all those who come to “Spens” will have the opportunity to learn the true quality of sport:
- I can guarantee that on Thursday in “Spens” all fights will be at the top level and it will be a great opportunity to see real kickboxing and true martial art.

Srdjan Bugarcic, WAKO PRO Technical Supervisor, gave technical information about the event:
- WAKO PRO World title in low kick, 88.600 kg will be between Nenad Pagonis from Serbia and Agron Preteni from Croatia. WAKO PRO European title in K1 rules, 81.400 kg will be between Miljan Vidovic from Serbia and Laszlo Szabo from Hungary. The opening program will include four fights. All fights will be officiated by WAKO PRO referees Michaela Kovachova from Slovakia, Marco Pacor from Italy and three Serbian referees; Zoran Simurina, Jelena Kuburic and Aleksandar Nadj.

Agron Preteni, opponent of Nenad Pagonis for WAKO PRO World title said:
- I have already fought two times with Nenad and both of these fights were in final of amateur Championships. I lost both with very close decision. On Thursday night I will do my best to win. I am ready, very confident and I am sure that this will be a great fight.

Nenad Pagonis about his new challenge said:
- I have not been fighting for ten years in my hometown, and I always said when I do it it will be against best fighters. Agron is one of the best fighters in this moment who always deserves full respect and maximum readiness. Regardless of the previous fights we had in the finals, I can just say that pro ring is something else. I am ready, I had a little problem to lose weight and reach category 88.600 kg since I did not fight in this weight class for almost five years. I expect a win, just like in every fight, and I believe that this will be an interesting battle in which the audience will enjoy.

Laszlo Szabo, opponent of Miljan Vidovic for WAKO PRO European title thanked the organizers for the invitation and said:
- It is an honor to fight for the belt against a pro fighter as Vidovic. It is a new challenge for me, a chance to have my revenge for loss in the final of the European Championships. Miljan is a great fighter, successes speak for him. I expect a great fight in which the audience will enjoy.

Miljan Vidovic will try to win a pro belt after the European and World amateur crowns:
- For this match, the highlight of my career, I was preparing for three months. As an absolute ruler in the discipline K1 rules, up to 81 kg in amateur competition, I want to confirm this into pro scene. Laszlo is a great fighter, with southpaw stance which requires a special tactic. I am ready for him and I will go only for victory.

Former NBA second peak, the winner of the championship ring with Detroit, Darko Milicic will debut in kickboxing. He points out that his fight does not deserve special treatment because guys who are fighting for professional titles are the ones to watch and support:
- These guys will give you a spectacle, I'm just a beginner in this sport and we do not need to make a big deal about my fight. My only wish is that everything will go fine because I believe that my opponent Radojcin will enter this fight with the same desire - to have good fight and to last for as long as possible. The big problem was to find a first rival, and then sparring partner for me. The fact is that I am tall and heavy, but I am just a beginner in kickboxing, and they all behaved as if it comes to sparring Mike Tyson. My first sparring was with Pagonis and he knocked me out. Then I have “worked” with some "local fighters" and I believe that we managed to bring the form to the required level. Radovan Radojcin is aware that his fight have epithet of the main event of the evening because of Milicic debut.
- I just wish that on Thursday all goes well, without injury. I hope we can provide good fight and that audience will have chance to enjoy.

Low kick up to 71 kg: Luka Spremo (Batajnica) - Milos Keljanovic (Vojvodina Veletabak).
Low kick up to 86 kg: Denis Marjanovic (Banja Luka) - Milos Markovic (Crvena Zvezda Delije).
K1 rules up to 70 kg: Tijana Srdic (Vojvodina Veletabak) - Aleksandra Krstic (Pagonis team).
WAKO PRO European title bout K1 rules up to 81,4 kg: Miljan Vidovic (Serbia) - Laszlo Szabo (Hungary).
K1 rules over 91 kg: Darko Milicic (Pagonis team) - Radovan Radojičin (Senta).
WAKO PRO Word title bout low kick up to 88.6 kg: Nenad Pagonis (Serbia) - Agron Preteni (Croatia).

MILICIC "broke down" official scale
After the press conference official weigh in was held.
First one were fighters in WAKO PRO European title bout: Laszlo Szabo – 80.100 Miljan Vidovic – 80.400 They had official weigh in without problems, but when next fighter, Darko Milicic stepped on the scale initially on display appeared ERROR. At last, scale showed 138 kg. His opponent, Radovan Radojcin weighted at 94 kg. Last ones were fighters in WAKO PRO World title bout: Nenad Pagonis – 88.400 Kg Agron Preteni – 87.500 Kg.