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June 30th 2018, 5th Monte-Carlo Fighting Trophy

An international show for a multi-fights night: Kickboxing, Muaythai, Pancrace and Chinese Boxing

Saturday June 30 2018, will see an unprecedented edition of the Monte-Carlo Fighting Trophy that will host Wako Pro World Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship, with the Ukrainian star Kryklia challenging the Czech Skvor, the French Kalachnikoff for the Wako Pro world title against the Serbian Manic, and the French world champions Susperregui and Hameur-Lain for the MCF Masters.

Starting at 8:30 pm, at the Louis II Stadium, Salle Gaston Médecin, the 5th edition of the Monte-Carlo Fighting Trophy, will be presented by Cécile Gélabale, Félicia and Claude Pouget - Combat experts and multi-specialists - and their team from the International Academy of Monaco Kickboxing, Muaythai and Krav-Maga. They will be supported by their partners: Peace and Sport, Metal Boxing, Therascience, Davidoff Monaco, Mont Blanc Monaco, Jefferson Capital, Mc Performers, the Management of Monaco Tourism and Congresses, Visit Monaco, The Mayor of Monaco.

Monaco was awarded World capital of kickboxing for the past five years by the "Wako Pro World Association of Kickboxing Organizations", as the Principality organized no less than twenty one Wako Pro world championships of Kickboxing.

As the previous editions, the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters or Trophy, positioned among the most prestigious galas of combat sports at the international level, will present a multi-fights night, unprecedented in Monaco, composed of 6 Kickboxing fights (K1- Rules), Muaythai, Pancrace and Wushu Sanda (Chinese boxing).

The event will take place in an international sound and light show interspersed by the sublime dancers of Mc Performers and, as a bonus, a wrestling match with the participation of Tom La Ruffa, "The Spartan of the Ring".

The main event consists of two Kickboxing world championships - including the super-heavyweight with the Ukrainian world star Kryklia and a women's fight with the French Kalashnikoff - and a duel between the French Hameur-Lain and Susperregui for the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters belt as well as three other fights for the award of three Monte Carlo Fighting Trophy belts.

14 athletes representing 4 nationalities (France, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Serbia), including 7 world champions, will compete in kickboxing fights, Muaythai, Chinese boxing and Pancrace.

Created in 2013, the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters present only world championships. In the same qualitative vein, the Monte-Carlo Fighting Trophy allows confirmed stars, most often world champions, to compete for a world championship title or a Monte Carlo Fighting Masters’ belt.

On the other hand, it offers up-and-coming stars a unique launching pad for notoriety by winning the Monte Carlo Fighting Trophy belt.

The 5th edition of the Monte-Carlo Fighting Trophy offers a challenge in the K1-Rules World Championship, with two super heavyweight (above 94,200 kg): the world champion Daniel Skvor from Czech Republic, 29 years old, 1.96 m, 107 kg, Wako Pro world title holder since 2017, with 54 fights in his palmares, including 47 wins (14 by KO). He will be challenged during 5 rounds (3 minutes each) by the Ukrainian world star Roman Kryklia, 27 years old, 2 m per 100 kg, voted best fighter 2016. Kryklia, well known in the Principality of Monaco, because he won by KO last Cup HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters’ belt; he is twice world champion (Kunlun 2015 and K1 World GP 2016), winner of the prestigious Partouche 2016 tournaments, Tatneft 2015, with 44 battles for 38 wins (26 by Ko!). Explosive combat in perspective!

Another expected fight, the Wako Pro world championship Kickboxing (K1-Rules), welterweight between the French prodigy, Maullaury Kalachnikoff, aged 21, 1.70 m, known in the Principality for having knocked out, in the first round, at the the last edition of Mcft, the Italian world champion. Mallaury Kalachnikoff, already Wako World Champion 2014 and European Champion Wkn 2017, with 33 fights for 29 wins - 1 draw against Teodora Manic, 25, 1.70 m, double world champion Wako 2017 and 2015, having to his credit: 57 fights for 47 wins (14 by KO).

In K1-Rules, another shock in heavy cruiser weights, expected by all specialists, will bring into play the belt Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters, to consecrate the French No. 1 category between the two French phenomena, double world champions: Stéphane Susperregui, 34 years old, 1.86m, 2013 WKA World Champion, and WKN 2011, with 52 fights for 44 wins (27 by KO) and the star challenged Zinedine Hameur-Lain, 32, 1.92m, World Champion Wbc 2017 and Ico 2014 totaling 90 fights for 72 wins including 42 by KO.

In Muaythai, the four-time world champion French K1 -Rules ISKA 2015,2016,2017,2018, Tristan Benard, 30, holds 63 fights for 50 wins including 19 by KO, will fight for the belt Monte-Carlo Fighting Trophy 2018 against Loic Cahuzac, 27 years old, double champion of France of Muaythaï 2012-2009 having to his credit 27 fights for 23 victories.

In Pancrace, Marseille's Ghiles Oudelha, aged 25, representing the Sambo Club Saint Pierre, French champion of Pancrace 2015, having to his credit 28 fights for 24 victories will face for the Belt of the Monte Carlo Fighting Trophy the Parision Nathan Issad , French champion of the 2016 Grappling Fight, winner of the 2015 Sanda Pro Fight.

In Wushu Sanda (Chinese boxing), the 29-year-old Parisian Yassin Hai, Vice Champion of France Sanda Elite 2018 will try to take revenge on Antonio Robalo Borges Garcia, 23, triple champion of France Sanda Elite 2016, 2017,2018, holder of 23 fights for 21 wins.

The program:

• Press Conference: Friday, June 29, 2018 at noon at the Marriott Hotel La Porte de Monaco; 
• The public weigh-in of Athletes: Saturday, June 30, 2018 at noon at the Marriott Hotel La Porte de Monaco; 
• The evening of the fights: Saturday, June 30, 2018 at 8:30 pm at the Louis II Stadium, Omnisports Hall. 
To book your tickets : www.mcfm.net, etc.
Such. +33 6 07 93 31 36 •
Beauty Angels Monaco: Tel. +377 93 30 14 10 
Prices (Presale until May 15, 2018) - Online booking: www.mcfm.net
• Tribunes: o € 15 / instead of € 20 (free placement outside the VIP area);
• Ring Vip: numbered seats 
- o 45 € / instead of 50 € - Rank 3 to 5; 
- o € 80 instead of € 100 - Rank 2; 
- o 170 € instead of 200 € - Rank 1.

- Drinks available in Tribune area and VIP area.

• 8:30 pm - Opening of Gala: Opening by Mc Performers dancers

1st fight: Wako Pro Kickboxing K1-Rules World Championship Wako Pro - Welterweight - 62 Kg - 3 x 3 minutes Teodora Manic (Serbia) vs Mallaury Kalashnikoff (France)

Catch Fight

2nd fight: Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters Belt -K1 Rules- Weight Cruiser Heavy -94,100 kg - 3 x 3 minutes Stéphane Susperregui (France) vs Zinedine Hameur-Lain (France)

3rd fight: Wako Pro K1-Rules World Championship - Super Heavyweight +94.1 Kg - 5 x 3 minutes Daniel Skvor (Czech) lives in Roman Kryklia (Ukraine) 

Mc Performers dancers

4th fight: Monte Carlo Fighting Trophy Belt - Muaythai - 60 KG - 3 x 3 minutes Loic Cahuzac (France) vs. Tristan Benard (France)

5th fight: Monte Carlo Fighting Trophy Belt - Pancrace - 73 KG - 5 x 3 minutes Nathan Issaad (France) vs Ghiles Oudelha (France)

6th fight: Monte Carlo Fighting Trophy Belt - Wushu Sanda - 60 kg - 3 x 2 minutes Yassin Hai vs France Antonio Robalo Borges Garcia (France)