29/03/2011 - 10.18



Anic is still the ruler of the planet

Milos Anic is still a professional world champion in the discipline low kick category 58.2 kg. In a match to defend professional belt, held in a sports arena, "JASSA" in Jagodina, Anic defeated the portuguese Pedro Almeida unanimously 3-0.
Portuguese referee  Duarte points were 50:47, Bulgarian Georgiev and Serbian Šimurina points were 50:46 in favor of Milos Anic.
Since the first round Milos Anic was dominant. Through all five rounds Serbian kick boxer was better, once again confirming that at this moment he is one of the best Serbian fighters. Anic great combine hand and foot technique, attractive kicks in turn raised the audience to their feet. The Portuguese provided good resistance, but in the middle of the duel it was clear that there was no appropriate response to attacks of Milos Anic. Bozidar Đermanović, vice president of Kickboxing Association of Serbia, put the belt of professional champion around Anica waist.  

Almeida has proven to be strong fighter with very strong legs. "Usually in fight I practice on foot technique, but as the Portuguese was a little taller than me, I had to "withhold" distance with hand strokes. Four rounds were very strong, but at last we both relaxed a little. Both of us suffered some minor injuries to the right leg and that could be the reason for the slightly weaker fight at the end of the match" - said  Milos Anic.

Results low kick
51kg: Daniel Bogdanovic - Srdjan Nadrljanski 3-0.
60kg: Alexander Konovalov - Milan Petrovic 3-0. Up to 63.5 kg: Mihajlo Jovanovic - Stefan Vuksanovic 3-0.
+91 Kg: Nemanja Jovanovic - Sasa 3:0 lever.
Duel for the title of world champion in professional low kick 58.2 kg: Milos Anic (Serbian) - Pedro Almeida (Portugal) 3:0