14/07/2009 - 13.05

Live Interview on national television from Angola National (TPA)

Carlos Ramjanali announced the Angolan federation

The first major interview given by Carlos Ramjanali, on the official state television TPA, as vice president of Wako-Pro, accompanied by members of the recently created  Angolan kickboxing federation, , in the largest audience of daily information on Angola, "Prime Time", directed by Pedro N `Zagi, a figure equivalent from Larry King of American TV. Were about 15 minutes in prime time hours, between 21:30 and 22:00 the last Thursday, which addressed all the issues the foundation of the Federation of Kickboxing Angola, from the technical aspects of training, the tables of amateur to professional competitions. The Angolan athlete, José "Xuxu" Carlos was present at the interview is making the preview of their participation in the kickboxing gala to be held in Lisbon Arena, on July 31, and his coach Henrique Machado of Team Elite (Luanda). Overall, the interview took place in a tone of clarification on the type and positioning information under the form of the world, with positive repercussions for the African continent, particularly in Angola.It was also the suggestion to produce is a weekly program of kickboxing, the example of transmissions in the weekly Sport TV Africa. It was announced the date of the first stage of the Champions League from Luanda, held next 11th of NOV, which included the celebration of anniversary of the independence of Angola. At the end of the interview, Pedro N `Zagi and some fans here, made the issue of land for photos, from Carlos Ramjanali and members of the Angolan Federation.