04/06/2015 - 19.14

Official Report: WAKO PRO titles in Munster, Germany

On last May 30th, 2015, small and very nice city of Munster in Germany became for one night center of WAKO PRO World kickboxing since had the pleasure to host three international and high level title fights. Promoter of the event was Mr. Antonino Spatola, long time WAKO PRO associate.

In front of 1.000 spectators at city sport hall first title fight was WAKO PRO European title bout in full contact, -81.400 kg between Challenger Viktor Frohlich from Germany and Champion Julio Sanchez, from Spain. Bout started slowly with more activity by Frohlich in opening rounds. On fourth round after kick made by Julio Sanchez big cut appeared on Frohlich forehead. Official Doctor did a good job and made Frohlich ready to continue. Till the end of the fight he was the best one and won the title by unanimous decision:

Referee Johannes Wolf (Germany) Judge Marco Shultz (Germany): 100:92
Judge Yury Lakhtikov (Estonia): 100:94
Judge Goran Simurina (Serbia): 100:91

All three in favour of New WAKO PRO European Champion Viktor Frohlich from Germany.

Second title fight was WAKO PRO World title bout in full contact, -78.100 kg.
This title was vacant and Challengers were Mehdi Lacombe from France and Artur Reis from Germany. Fight ended at round seven due to injury of Mehhfi Lacombe. Till then there was only one fighter in the ring. Artur Reis had real domination from first moment and he deserved this victory.
Referee Marco Shultz (Germany) Judge Johannes Wolf (Germany) Judge Yury Lakhtikov (Estonia) Judge Goran Simurina (Serbia) was in favor of Artus Reis, from Germany, as new WAKO PRO World Champion in full contact, -78.100 kg.

Last and main event of the night was WAKO PRO World title bout in full contact, -94.100 kg between Challenger Eugen Waigel from Germany and Champion Antonio De Sousa from Portugal.
That was a re-match since last year Antonio De Sousa had defeated Waigel by K.O. in second round. This time fight lasted for 12 rounds and all of us present there have to admit that it was epic fight.
Just 12 round of pure WAR, with no compromise from each side, with heavy punches and kicks delivered from both fighters. At the beginning Antonio wanted to have same result like last year, he pushed from the same start. But this time Eugen was ready and he did not want to come close and go for trading punches. He decided to move and to stay out of rage of dangerous Antonio. Even he had good tactic, Antonio was able to come close and deliver mighty punches which gave him some advantage in first rounds. Eugen was keeping his game plan and it showed to be very succesful.
From fifth till seventh round he was the one who was all in it. In seventh round after hard exchange from both fighters Antonio was down by K.D. Round eight and nine were in favour of Waigel. Round ten for Sousa, then during last two slight advantage for Waigel. Last round ended with hard blows from Waigel which made him sure that he was going to win and conquer the title. He absolutely deserved it. Antonio De Sousa is really great fighter and real Champion but that night Waigel was better and he took the belt from him. Congratulations to both of them for what they showed. Official decision was:

Referee Srdjan Bugarcic (Serbia) Judge Johannes Wolf (Germany): 116:111
Judge Yury Lakhtikov (Estonia): 118:114
Judge Goran Simurina (Serbia): 117:113

All three in favor of New WAKO PRO World Champion in full contact, -94.100 Kg Eugen Waigel from Germany.

Supervisor of the event was Srdjan Bugarcic, WAKO PRO Technical Supervisor.

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