02/04/2008 - 11.55




Mette Solli vs Maria Krivoshapkina

Mette Solli successfully defended her WAKO-PRO title in 54 kg in fullcontact against a prepared and aggressive Maria Krivoshapkina. Again Solli was challenged by a top world athlete but Solli controlled the fight with good techniques and combinations. The Russian was a little bit taller than Solli and tried to take some advantage of better reach, but Solli never gave her the peace and time to build up the attacks. A very good fight from Solli who won 3-0. This is Solli’s fourth defense of the title. Solli became also World Champion last year in Coimbra, Portugal and is a very popular athlete in Norway.


Christian Kvatningen vs Evgeny Grechishkin

We had a really good show in Fullcontact 71.8 kg, where Kvatningen successfully defeated Grechiskin from Russia in an action-packed fight to win the WAKO-PRO European title. These two fighters met each other in the final during the last year World Championships in Coimbra, Portugal and Grechiskin won that final 2-1, so it was time for revenge for the Norwegian fighter. They started carefully where the Russian tried to land some heavy blows. The Russian is very strong and have very hard hooks which stunned Kvatningen in last years final. However, this time he avoided those blows and systematically he broke the Russian style and never gave him room and space to allow the Russian to attack. It was a close fight, but in the two last round Kvatningen decided to win and in the last round Kvatningen was outstanding, outpointing the Russian with massive attacks and heavy combinations with both arm and legs. A fantastic fight that the audience loved. Kvatningen won 3-0. 

Since the Norwegian Government have decided to regulate all “fullcontact” martial art sports by a law, we have to modify the WAKO-PRO rule in Norway, meaning a total of 6 rounds and fighters must use helmets. However the result is quiet interesting since it concentrate the fight with more action.

The event was covered by the two national TV stations and all newspapermedia was covering it. Also several boardmembers of the Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of sports and the leader of the Top Sport programme was guests.

The President of the Turkish federation Mr. Salim Kayici and several other board members of the Turkish federation where present. The Norwegian federation has a good relationship with Turkey since the Norwegian national team coach and promotor, Mr. Daimi akin is Turkish. Also our long time friend from Russia Mr. Mark Meltser was in Oslo as judge and WAKO Board member Vadim Ukraintsev was present as coach of the Russian fighters. Mr. Espen Lund, the WAKO Vice-president was present.  

Espen Lund

WAKO Vice-President