26/02/2020 - 16.05

Report about SENSHI, Varna, Bulgaria, February 22nd, 2020

On February 22nd, Varna was the host city of 5th edition of SENSHI tournament which was this time TOP LEVEL organized event with great fights. During the three days event the Promoter, Mr. Ivo Kamenov, organized seminar for fighters and coaches leaded by real K1 legends, Giants that owe in total 11 K1 Grand Prix titles.

Mr Peter Aerts, Mr Ernesto Hoost and Mr Semmy Schilt.

Two of them, Ernesto and Semmy even took a part of the main event as Referees in the ring for the fights held by KWU SENSHI and KWU FULL CONTACT rules. It was a real pleasure to be a witness of their performance in the ring in completely different role. Congratulations for Promoter for such a great event.

A part of the event we had three WAKO PRO title bouts.

The first one was WAKO PRO World title defence in Low kick, 85.100 kg where Champion Abderahhim Chafay from France was not good enough to stand against Andrei Chekhonin from Russia. Much younger and more explosive fighter from Russia simply defoliated champion and knocked him out in the first round.
It was brutal domination by Russian champion from the first moment and his victory was well deserved.

The second fight was WAKO PRO World title defence in K1 rules, 71.800, where Champion from Bulgaria, Atanas Bojilov showed his experience and domination to young fighter from Portugal, Adolfo Barao. The only first two rounds we could see pretty equal fight but from the start of the third round Bojilov took control and he did not lose it until the end of the fight.
His victory was by points (3:0).

The last fight was WAKO PRO European title bout in 75 kg where we had high performance seen from both fighters. At this moment more experience and better fighter Bogdan Shumarov from Bulgaria  showed more than Astur Maikel from Estonia and Judges had no doubt about the winner.
The decision was unanimous in favour of Bulgarian Champion.

The event was organised in front of over 3.000 spectators with live TV coverage.

One more time all congratulations to Promoter of SENSHI event.









Report by: Mr Srdjan Bugarcic