19/12/2016 - 17.56

Report about WAKO PRO European title in Full contact, 75.00 kg, Caen (France) 17/12/2016

Caen, France, December 17, 2016

On 17th December, WAKO PRO had a new title fight in France.
This was the last WAKO PRO title event in 2016, year that was full of great events.
Host city was Caen, historical and very beautiful city in Normandy.
Promoter of the event was Mr. Wilfrid Hembert, under the patronage of Mr. Eric Leclercq, WAKO PRO representative for France. Title fight for the WAKO PRO European title in Full contact, -75.000 kg was vacant. Sport hall was crowded with fans. After a couple of good and attractive fights we came to title bout. On one side there was Cedric Pavoisne from France and on the other Robert Krason, from Poland, current WAKO amateur vice-champion of the World.

Opening round started slowly but just for the first 30 seconds. Robert Krason, from Poland, started much more aggressive with powerful punches and kicks. These attacks brought him large advantage in first round.
The second one was the same, like one man show. Robert was stronger and much more dangerous opponent especially with hard body punches that caused a lot of problems to Cedric. Only thing that what could be seen from Cedric was just a couple of attempts to hit the target with right hook. Two times he did it and showed that this game could be more interesting. High intensity worked and aggression from Robert took away some of his stamina so he started the third round easier. Still he was the one who was attacking all the time. But in this round Cedric showed what was the game plan from him and his team. He started to deliver big punches to Robert by his right hand. He was good covered and waiting for Robert to attack and then right hook as answer. One of these bombs got Robert and made him to change his attacks and started keeping the distance. This round was equal.

Audience was all for Cedric and the fourth round started with big cheering which gave Cedric strength that he needed. He did good, again strong right hook, another one but unluckily for him Robert did not feel it as Cedric wanted. After the next right hook Robert did the same, but stronger than Cedric and that was the beginning of the end. Referee counted Cedric to eight and decided to let him continue the fight. Next attack of Robert was the final one, serious of hard punches and Cedric was down again but this time he could not make it. Referee counted him out. The winner by KO and the new WAKO PRO European Champion in full contact, -75 kg is Robert Krason from Poland.




Report by: Mr. Srdjan Bugarcic