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Triumph for the Monte Carlo Fighting Trophy!

Show, spectacular knockouts and twelve world champions!

Last Friday, the 30th of June's Monte Carlo Fighting Trophy was a triumphant success, it was presented by the Monegasque Federation of Kickboxing, placed under the aegis of the Wako Pro, in partnership with Peace and Sport and the Monark organized by Monaco’s International Academy of Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Krav-Maga.

Whether named "Masters" or "Trophy", "Monte-Carlo Fighting" is now, after its fourth edition consecrated by specialists as an international Kickboxing or Muay Thai event and is part of the Principality's prestigious sporting events.

Chaired by Felicia Pouget and assisted by Cécile Gélabale, Vice President and member of the Honorary Committee and also by the General Director, Claude Pouget, the Monte-Carlo fighting Trophy displayed, in the presence of a large and enthusiastic audience, an exceptional set of kickboxing fights including four world championships, one of which was rewarded H.S.H the Prince Albert II’s Cup as well as the first "Monte Carlo Fighting" belts, one as Masters and two as trophies.

The event was exclusively broadcasted on SFR sport and it shall soon be broadcasted on several TV channels.

To thank him for His support, the members of the organizing Committee wished to give the first copies of these belts to H.S.H The Sovereign Prince, which were awarded by Mr. Joël Bouzou, advisor to the Prince and founding president of Peace and Sport, partner of the Monte Carlo Fighting Trophy, during the press conference held at the Monark.
"Monaco World Kickboxing Capital in 2013 and 2016"

The high-level of this event, "made in Monaco" was confirmed during this press conference. Indeed, the WAKO PRO which is the only professional branch recognized by the WAKO, a member of “SportAccord International Fédération's Union”, gave Mr Joël Bouzou, for the attention of H.S.H The Sovereign Prince, the "Monaco, 2013 and 2016 world Kickboxing capital " trophy, for organizing 9 World Championships in one night: a world premiere!

In the same context, Mr Bouzou also awarded the "2013 and 2016 World Kickboxing promoter" trophy to Claude Pouget, on behalf of the WAKO PRO represented during the Fight night by Mr Srdjan Bugarcic, WAKO PRO international technical director!

An American show

This first Monte Carlo fighting trophy has held all these promises and included an exceptional American show and a superb performance by "MC Performers" ring-dancing girls managed by Roisin Wittstock, that delighted the enthusiastic public among whom we noted numerous sporting personalities such as the international Manchester City football star, Yaya Toure.

Very high-level fights, 4 wins before the bell rang including two spectacular knockouts!

In the ring, the five-star “plateau” of exceptional fighters held all its promises that included rare intensity fights presented by Jean Paul Maillet.

In the end, the Monte Carlo Fighting Trophy was able to delight both kickboxing specialists and amateurs who were captivated by such an exceptional show.

The members of the organizing committee thank those who contributed to the success of this exceptional event that has kept all its promises.

The planetary star Nait-Saunders wins the world title thanks to the knockout of the year!

The most beautiful knockout of the evening and undoubtedly in recent years was indisputably the one inflicted by the French prodigy, planetary star and world champion, Eddy Nait-Saunders, 209 times victorious out of 217 fights, against the quadruple Hungarian world champion Antoine Habash. During an impressive bicycle kick to the face, Eddy Saunders struck the Hungarian, in the 2nd round and thanks to this impressive KO he obtained the WAKO PRO world title, in the -64.500 kg class, as well as Peace and Sport's Cup. These trophies were handed to him by Gareth Wittstock.

The Ukrainian star Roman Kryklia won HSH the Prince Albert II’s Cup and the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters belt.

During the evening's main event, the Ukrainian world champion Roman Kryklia won as the towel was thrown in during the 2nd round facing the French world champion Fabrice Aurieng. HSH the Prince Albert II’S Cup was awarded to him by Mr Christophe Steiner, President of the National Council and the Monte Carlo Fighting Masters belt by Iris Vlachoutsicos, Director of International relations for Peace and Sport.

The Lithuanian icon, Maslobojev won before the bell rang against Stéphane Susperregui

In the heavy weight class (-94,100 kg), the Lithuanian icon and world champion Serej Maslobojev conquered as the towel was thrown in during the 4th round and won the title of Wako Pro World Champion against the double world champion Stephane Susperregui, after an intense and powerful fight between two imposing and dynamic athletes.

Gregory Grossi, the heavy weight boxer from Nice wins his second world title!

In the heavy weight class, Gregory Grossi, the world champion brilliantly won on points, conquering a second world title against the impressive Polish quadruple world champion Dawid Kaspersky, who was dangerous throughout this fight.

Giovanni Gross triple world champion!

The two-time French world champion Giovanni Gross, who counts 239 wins out of 272 fights conquered his third world title (bantam weight,-56.400 kg), this time for the Wako Pro and facing the world champion Azeri Elshad Alaskarov.

During the 1st round, Kalachnikoff, the French female stuck down the 2016 Italian world champion Chiara Vincis by KO and was awarded the Monte Carlo fighting trophy belt.

Another impressive fight opposed the young French prodigy (20 years old), world champion Mallaury Kalachnikoff who conquered the Monte Carlo Fighting Trophy belt, with extraordinary power and inflicted a terrible knockout to the 2016 Italian world champion, Chiara Vincis, 22 years old, during the first round thanks to a devastating hook.

Reccio and Beccaria were victorious!

The Frenchman Anthony Reccio won on points, the Monte Carlo fighting trophy belt against the Frenchman Karim Jabri during a memorable fight.

Finally, the Frenchman Loic Beccaria won a beautiful victory on points against the Ecuadorian installed in Italy, José Armand Castillo.

S.A.S Cup Prince Albert II and Monte Carlo Belt Fighting Masters K-1 rules. 3 × 3 mn. + 100kg
Fabrice Aurieng (France, 123,600kg) vs. Roman Kryklia (Ukraine, 100,400kg)
Winner: Roman Kryklia by Sponge R2

World Championship WAKO Pro K-1 rules. 5 × 3 mn. -94,100kg
Stéphane Susperregui (France, 92,700kg) vs Sergej Maslobojev (Lithuania, 92,600kg)
Winner: Sergej Maslobojev by Sponge R4

World Championship WAKO Pro K-1 rules. 5 × 3 mn. -64,500kg
Eddy Nait Slimani (France, 63,500kg) vs Antoine Habash (Hungary, 64,400kg)
Winner: Eddy Naït Slimani by KO 2

World Championship WAKO Pro K-1 rules. 5 × 3 mn. -88,600kg
Grégory Grossi (France, 87,200kg) vs. Dawid Kasperski (Poland, 87,200kg)
Winner: Grégory Grossi at the points

World Championship WAKO Pro K-1 rules. 5 × 3 mn. -56,400kg
Elshad Alaskarov (Azerbaijan, 56,400kg) vs Giovanni Gross (France, 56,300kg)
Winner: Giovanni Gross at the points

Belt of the Monte-Carlo Fighting Trophy K1-rules - 3x3 - 66,800 kg
Karim Jabri (France) vs Anthony Recio (France)
Winner: Anthony Recio at the points

Belt Monte Carlo Fighting Trophy
K-1 rules. 3 × 3 mn. -60kg
Mallaury Kalachnikoff (France, 60,200kg) vs Chiara Vincis (Italy, 57,100kg)
Winner: Mallaury Kalachnikoff by KO 1

Opening Fight K-1 rules. 3 × 2 mn. -63,500kg
Loïc Beccaria (France, 63,400kg) vs Armando Castillo (Italy, 64kg)
Winner: Loïc Beccaria at the points

The personalities present during the Event : Mr Christophe Steiner and Mr Marc Burini, President and Vice-President of the National Council (Monaco Parliament), Mr Gareth Wittstock and his wife Mrs Roisin Wittstock, Mr Jacques Pastor, Deputy for Sports and Recreation, representing Mayor Georges Marsan, Mrs Marie-Cécile Moreno, Deputy Director of The National Directorate of Youth and Sports, Mrs. Iris Vlachoutsicos, Director of International Relations of Peace and Sport.

The partners: Chopard, Montblanc, Davidoff, The Monark Cabaret, Satri-Groupe Marzocco, Thérascience, Metal Boxe, Monaco City Council, Tourist and Convention Bureau, Beauty Angels Monaco, Monaco Broadcast among many others.

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