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WAKO PRO European title, Full Contact -69,100 kg, Maribor (Slovenia) 24/09/2016


MARIBOR, SLOVENIA, 24.09.2016.

Maribor was the host city of WAKO PRO European title bout in full contact, 69.100 kg.
That was the first title defense of Champion, Gregor Stracanek from Slovenia.
The Promoter of the event was Mr Tomaz Barada, vice-president of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia. Mr Barada will be also the promoter of the upcoming WAKO European Championships which will be held in Maribor on last week of October.

This WAKO PRO title was a very good warm up for the big WAKO Championships in front of us.
Mr Barada and his team made it on very high level which one WAKO PRO event certainly deserves. The Challenger for the title was young and very good fighter from Poland, Jakub Pokusa, winner of both WAKO World cups this year in Budapest and Rimini. Originally Challenger was Nikolay Christiansen from Denmark but due to injury he had to cancel his participation.
Jakub Pokusa got the chance to fight for the WAKO PRO European title.

Fight started slowly in first four rounds with not so many hard punches or kicks to be seen.
Both fighters were a bit reserved keeping their power for the upcoming rounds.
The fifth round brought us the real fight and we could see the real face of the Champion.
He was better, stronger and faster than his opponent.
He was very dangerous with his punches and Challenger had serious problems in this round.
The next one was slower and Pokusa has managed to come back in the fight.
In the next three rounds Champion was on his road, giving to opponent hard time.
Strong punches on the first place, made a difference.
Challenger was behind a lot so his only chance was to give all what he has in the last round.
And he did, but at the end it was not enough.
After ten rounds of good kickboxing winner by unanimous decision was Gregor Stracanek.

He has shown all the best of kickboxing and successfully defended his title.
All respect goes to young Jakub Pokusa, first of all because he accepted challenge in very short time, and then for good fight he has given.


WAKO PRO Supervisor: Srdjan Bugarcic (SRB)
WAKO PRO Neutral Judge: Gabor Szabo (HUN) 99:95
WAKO PRO Neutral Judge: Milan Dragojlovic (SRB) 100:96
WAKO PRO Judge: Milan Breg (SLO) 98:95
WAKO PRO referee: Ivo Vodopivec (SLO)

Report made by Srdjan Bugarcic