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WAKO PRO European title in Full Contact Kg -64,500, Bergen (Norway) 27/08/2016

What a beautiful city, what a great event! It would be the right words to express WAKO PRO title event held in Bergen, Norway on last August 27, 2016.

Mr. Eirik Gundersen, promoter of the „Bergen Fight Night II“ showed great skills and capacity in organization of WAKO PRO European title bout. He did his job brilliant and according to the words of all participants there was nothing to add to this show to be even a bit better. It was simply the perfect one.

This time it was Full Contact style that we could see and one of the most attractive weight classes, 64.5 kg. The Champion, defending his title was Petar Zivkovic from Serbia and the Challenger was Milton Gallaretta from Norway, of course.

It was the first title defense of Petar Zivkovic who is also very successful in professional boxing holding CISBB WBC title.  The day before, during press conference we could see that both fighters were ready and very motivated for the fight.

There were couple of really good fights before the title bout that was just enough to make great atmosphere for the main event, WAKO PRO European title defense in Full Contact, 64.5 kg.

Fight started slowly from both sides and fighters did not want to risk too much. But even from the start Champion showed that Milton will have very hard evening.

The second round was little bit faster with some good actions from Champion Petar Zivkovic. Couple of strong punches landed on Milton’s face and from that moment it was clear that Champion was best fighter that evening.

The third round brought even more action from Champion. He was making constant pressure on Milton which made him to loose his stamina. Milton could not find the answer on very aggressive tactic from Petar.

Between the rounds Milton looked very tired and it was a sign for Champion to go even harder and that was exactly what happened. In opening moments of the round Milton tried to keep distance with some strong kicks but with no success. Champion was too close, he managed to cut the distance and to keep pressure. Step by step he was closing the ring forcing Milton to go back. In one of his actions strong left hook finished on Milton’s head and he was down. Referee did not count him down after this punch but in next action Champion made two more and Milton was down again. This time it was K.D., the first one...

Milton managed to survive this round even receiving some very hard punches.

Next round started like the previous one finished with strong punches from Petar Zivkovic. Milton was down again and that was another K.D. After that one it was only the question when it will be over.

And it was just after that. Again strong punches from the Champion and Milton’s corner was forced to throw the towel inside of the ring.

That was the end of this bout and the end of Milton’s dream to take the title.

He was fighting brave, strong but for Petar Zivkovic it was not enough.

The Champion showed class and he proved that at this moment he is the Number One.

At the end, one more time congratulations to Mr. Eirik Gundersen for organization, to Milton for his desire and of course for Petar Zivkovic, who successfully defended his title.

Until the next time in Bergen!!!!

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