06/11/2016 - 22.33

WAKO PRO European title in Low kick, Pamplona, Spain – 15.10.2016

Another great WAKO PRO title event in Spain. This time host city was Pamplona, the home town of The Promoter of the event Mr Jose Vicente Eguzkiza, WAKO PRO representative for Spain.
The main event was WAKO PRO European title bout in Low kick, under 64.5 kg.
This title was declared vacant after its holder Aleksandar Konovalov had won WAKO PRO World title in the same category defeating Andoni Iglesias from Spain in spectacular fight in February this year in Jagodina. Andoni Iglesias with his team decided to go for this title in front of his own crowd.
His opponent was Semir Delic, very hard and strong fighter from Bosnia.
He is the one of very few who succeeded to defeat Aleksandar Konovalov a couple of years ago.
By the achievements of both fighters we could expect very good and exciting fight. And for sure it was. First round started hard from the beginning with the slight advantage for Andoni but not enough to win the round. Next two rounds almost the same but with exchanging of big hits and kicks.
Semir was more about kicks and Andoni was always close and looking for in-fight and body shots.
All three rounds with small advantage for Andoni. He was stronger and with more desire to win the fight. Fourth round was the one that made difference. Andoni was much better and he won it clearly giving to Semir hard time. In the last round Semir tried to come back and win the fight but all done was not enough. Andoni deserved it and he can be proudly named as new WAKO PRO European Champion in Low kick, 64.5 kg

YURY LAKHTIKOV (ESTONIA) 50:48 in favor of Andoni Iglesias
SAMI SAVO (FINLAND) 48:48, advantage in favor of Andoni Iglesias
JAVIER ALBERCA (SPAIN) 49:47 in favor of Andoni Iglesias



Reported by: Mr Srdjan Bugarcic