17/11/2019 - 22.19

WAKO PRO European titles in Pamplona, Spain – 16.11.2019

Another great WAKO PRO title event in Spain. The host city was Pamplona, the home town of the Promoter of the event Mr Jose Vicente Eguzkiza, WAKO PRO representative for Spain.

The main event of the gala night were two WAKO PRO European title bouts, one in K1, 60 kg and another one in Low kick, under 66.8 kg.

Both titles were vacant and the challengers were:

K1, 60 kg - Andreas Unzue from Spain and Tomas Tadlanek from Slovakia

LK, 66.8 kg - Andoni Iglesias from Spain and Dimitar Penchev from Bulgaria

In front of crowded arena the first ones to enter the ring and show their skills were contenders for K1 title.

The fight started very aggressive from the side of domestic fighter who tried to cut the distance and use his boxing skills to approach Tadlanek who had huge hight advantage in this event. The idea Andreas had turned up not to be the good one since he received knee strike in the middle of the first round, which caused a cut on his chin and made him to stop running on Tadlanek. In the second round Tadlanek turned the fight on his way and in the third round after the strong knee strike he put Andreas down for the first time. The second one happened in the fourth round. The last round was in favour of brave domestic fighter but it was not enough. The winner by unanimous decision and the new WAKO PRO European champion in K1, 60 kg became Tomas Tadlanek from Slovakia.

The second title was in low kick, 66.8 kg. The former WAKO PRO European champion in low kick, 64.5 kg Andoni Iglesias with his team had decided to go for this title in front of his own crowd. His opponent was Dimitar Penchev, very hard and strong fighter from Bulgaria. He achieved silver medal last month on WAKO World Championship.

By the achievements of both fighters we could expect very good and exciting fight. And for sure it was.

First round started hard from the beginning with the slight advantage for Andoni but not enough to win the round. Next round almost the same but with exchanging of big hits and kicks. In one of these exchanges Dimitar delivered powerful middle kick which put Andoni down for the first time. That round was in favour of Dimitar with big advantage.

The next one was equal with a bit better performance from domestic fighter.

But the fourth round brought us the winner since Dimitar managed to deliver two amazingly strong hooks which put Andoni down for the second time. That was the advantage Andoni could not reach.

In the fifth round he gave his best but it was not enough. Dimitar was better fighter tonight and he deserved the title of WAKO PRO European champion in Low Kick, 66.800 kg.

It was another great event in Spain.

Report by: Mr Srdjan Bugarcic