04/10/2016 - 22.26

WAKO PRO European titles in Rozaje (Montenegro), 1/10/2016




Rozaje was the host city of two WAKO PRO European title bouts in low kick division, one in 78.100 kg and another one in 66.800 kg. Both Challengers were very popular local fighters, winners of bronze medals on last WAKO World Championships held in Belgrade in October 2015.

The Promoter of the event was Predrag Lekic. First title fight was the vacant WAKO PRO European title in low kick, 78.100 kg. Title holder was Stevan Zivkovic from Serbia who had to give it up due to health problems which made him to stop fighting. But, he was present on the spot and he was the one who had a pleasure to award new Champion.

On one side we had Dejvid Kajevic from Montenegro and on the other Milan Babic from Bosnia.
Milan Babic has come to the fight as late replacement since the Challenger Marek Prochaszka from Czech Republic got injured less than two weeks before the event. Milan Babic accepted to fight for the title but he had no time to prepare well and that was the main reason why he could not give his best.
In the first round both fighters were very reserved and they showed very little to more than 1.500 spectators in sport hall in Rozaje. The second round was a bit better and Kajevic won this round.
The third round was the begging of the end in this title fight. With thunderous punches Kajevic made Babic to "kiss the canvas" two times. The next and the last round just started when Kajevic got his opponent with big, big punch and made Referee, Nedjo Bratic from Bosnia to count him out.
By knock out in the forth round Dejvid Kajevic from Montenegro became the new WAKO PRO European Champion in low kick, 78.100 kg.
As said before, the new Champion was awarded by the title belt by Stevan Zivkovic, former title holder (in the picture below with Kajevic).

The second title fight was the one that was long time expected. It was the re-match of Remzija Dacic, former title holder and Vito Plasmati, Champion who defeated Dacic in Italy on last April. Both fighters had come to this fight with high emotions and that could be seen in opening round. Vito Plasmati started from the first bell with pressure on Dacic giving him a lot of problems with low kicks. That was the main weapon he had used when he took away the title from Dacic. And it worked again. But Dacic had an answer, big and strong hooks that made Plasmati to think twice before delivering any kick or try to come close. Dacic managed to win this round by small difference. The second round started the same with even more pressure from Plasmati. His tactic was giving results and just when he started to turn fight to his field left hook came out of nowhere and put him down. That was the punch that changed it all. Until the end oh this round Dacic tried to finish the job but Plasmati managed to survive it. Round number three gave us even more aggression from Dacic who kept delivering big hooks.
One of them got Plasmati and it was knock down again. In the next round Dacic put the pressure on Plasmati from the same start and after the serious of punches landed on Plasmati’s face Referee had to stop the fight. His left eye was completely closed and he could not continue fighting.
Referee in charge, Nedjo Bratic decided to stop the fight. Remzija Dacic won this fight and became again WAKO PRO European Champion in low kick, 66.800 kg.


WAKO PRO Supervisor: Srdjan Bugarcic (SRB)
WAKO PRO Neutral Judge: Georgi Georgiev (BUL)
WAKO PRO Neutral Judge: Zoran Simurina (SRB)
WAKO PRO Judge: Mitar Kojicic (MNE)
WAKO PRO Referee: Nedjo Bratic (BIH)

Report made by Srdjan Bugarcic