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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 20, 2020

On November 20, 2020, the beautiful city of Dubai was the host of the second edition of the WAKO PRO Gala "K-1 Combat" organized by UAE Muay Thai and Kickboxing Federation leaded by H.E. Abdullah Saeed Al Neyadi. The main organizer was Mr. Tareq Mohamed Al Mehairi, executive director of the federation supported by Mr. Fahad Khalfan Al Abdouli, director of sport activities of the federation.
The perfectly organized event took place in Festival City expo center with the presence of VIP guests; Mr Roy Baker, WAKO President, Dr Basel Alshaerand Mr Carlos Ramjanali, WAKO Executive Board members. High level of fights with amazing set up and TV production has showed one more time why Dubai is taking its position among top-level WAKO PRO promotions. The fight card consisted of 13 explosive fights and main event, WAKO PRO Intercontinental title in K1 rules, 81.4 kg. This title was vacant and challengers were Damian Darker from Ireland and Ilyas Habibali from UAE.
The fight started slowly with a lot of respect from both fighters. After the first two rounds, the slight advantage was on the side of Damian who showed high level of technic and strategy. But, starting from the third round pure power, which is the main attribute of Ilyas, has come to spot and he started taking over the control of the fight. He won the next two rounds. The last one was with small advantage of Ilyas, which was enough to bring him the title. By unanimous decision, he became the new WAKO PRO Intercontinental champion in K1 rules, 81.4 kg. One more time congratulations to Promoter of this great event!
Manshari Almansoori (UAE) – 49:45 Habibali
Tomislav Novosel (CRO) – 50:47 Habibali
Yury Lakhtikov (EST) – 50:49 Habibali
Zoran Simurina (SRB)
Srdjan Bugarcic (SRB)
Report by: Mr Srdjan Bugarcic