23/06/2014 - 17.30


On June 17th, a the prestigious fight for the WAKO-PRO World title in K-1 at Kg 65.8 was held in Bishkek between Alexey Fedoseev (Kyrgyzstan) and Emerson Falcao (Brazil)
The event was organized by Nasser Nassiri, WAKO Vice President and President of WAKO ASIA and Alexandre Voinov, President of WAKO Kyrgyzstan at the highest level, with a great opening show and the participation of various international and national celebrities.
The famous Russian showman Alexei Zagorski was in charge for announcement of the event.
The fight was run on five rounds of three minutes.
Opening for the audience was made by famous dancer Jean Warriors, and beautiful girls with glowing fluorescent sticks playing drums.

Before the fight traditional anthems of the two respective origin countries of the athletes were performed. The fight was judged by international referees: Roberto Fragale from Italy; Jeong Eun Choen from South Korea, as well as Mamytov Akerov Nurlan Baykulov from CIS countries with two control judges from WAKO ASIA at official table.

During the first round the Brazilian missed a few punches to the head of Fedoseev. The second round was more active. Both fighters tried to score maximum points.

"I feel this fight will end by knockout in the third round and, of course, by Alex" - one of the adjacent photographers predicted.

However, this did not happen.

On third round Fedoseev seemed tired and defended more, although at times he  passed on counter attack. Fedoseev tried not to let the opponent come too much close. At the same time he was able to hold a series of strikes and most importantly  to hit the Brazilian.

During the fight, fans actively supported Fedoseev chorus calling  his name. They were joined by some photographers and journalists, from time to time shouting: "Alex, come on!"

In the fourth round the fight was dominated by Fedoseev, departing from the blows of the Brazilian fighter around the ring. He fought a battle effortlessly, without forgetting about the attack, beginning a series of blows to the head and ended with a kick.

In the final three-minutes Fedoseev was already less active in the fight. The Kyrgyzstan fighter basically was defending from opponent. In the second half of the last round Brazilian noticed opponent was becoming weaker, repeatedly hitting Fedoseev’s knee area. Until the end of the round he continued to aim to his knee but, fortunately for Fedoseev, it was the last round.
At the end Fedoseev was announced winner by unanimous decision.

The belt of the World Champion was awarded to Fedoseev  by the President of the National Olympic Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic Murat Saralinov and Nasser Nassiri, Vice President of WAKO and President of WAKO ASIA.

Fedoseev thanked all fans for their support and declared: "I dedicate this victory to Kyrgyzstan",

Fedoseev added: it was one of the toughest fights of my career, and  the most difficult for the fact to fight at home but I really wanted to win the title here in our homeland.