17/02/2012 - 10.56

WAKO PRO WORLD TITLE BOUT IN LOW KICK 56.4 Kg in Jagodina (Serbia)

WAKO PRO World title bout in low kick, 56.4 kg held in jagodina on Thursday, February 9th, 2012 was spectacular.
We had more than 3.000 spectators and also 2.000 in front of sport hall. Novak Djokovic, World No. 1 tennis player was our guest of honor and he opened the event.

Main fight between Boban Marinkovic and Joseph Lasiri was really good one. Fight started very strong, Marinkovic was doing more boxing and put fight in close distance, since Joseph was taller then him. Joseph made more than 15 low kicks in front leg of Marinkovic in first round. Marinkovic was pushing him really hard in second round like in first one, but Joseph was fighting back very good with low kicks again. Third round was even harder then first two but in the second half of this round Joseph started to put pressure on Marinkovic. In forth round after good combination of punches Marinkovic had one very good low kick and Joseph was down. It was knock down. It looked like the end to everyone but Joseph. He started with punches and low kicks and he made Marinkovic to go back and try to "save his life". Till the end of round Marinkovic was in big big trouble. Fifth round started again with pressure of Marinkovic and another knock down with low kick but he could not finish it and Joseph was back again in second half of round.
But Marinkovic started to move more and better and he saved fight.
Decision was clear. Two Hungarian judges 49:46 and Serbian 49:47 for Marinkovic.
Boban Marinkovic is new WAKO PRO World champion in low kick, 56.4 kg.