02/05/2016 - 23.35

WAKO PRO World title in Full contact, 85.100 kg, Caudebec en Caux (France)

On 9th April, WAKO PRO had another great title fight in France.
This time host city was Caudebec en Caux, small but very beautiful city on river Seine in Normandy.
The Promoter of the event was Mr. Yohan Lemair, former WAKO World Champion, under the patronage of Mr. Eric Leclercq, WAKO PRO representative for France. Mr. Nasser Nassiri, WAKO vice-president and President of WAKO Asia was also present as guest of honor.

Title fight was WAKO PRO World title defense in Full contact, -85.100 kg.
Sport hall was crowded with fans and program was very nice organized.
After a couple of good and attractive fights in full contact we came to main event of the evening.
On one side there was Mathieu Lemair from France as Challenger and on the other side current WAKO PRO World Champion Bojan Miskovic from Croatia.

From the same start of the fight Challenger wanted to get all of it but, unluckily for him, Champion had the same idea. Bojan Miskovic was more active and more dangerous fighter from first round.
He used his boxing skills to come close to Mathieu and to destroy his tactic to fight from the distance using his powerful kicks. Mathieu simply couldn’t make it. Bojan was better in five out of twelve rounds and he gave advantage to his opponent only in one round. The rest of the round they were equal but with Bojan always more active and more aggressive. All the way Bojan was going forward keeping pressure on Mathieu and scoring points with his punches. Mathieu gave his best that night but Champion was better and clearly won on points. Decision was by surprise split because Judge from France, Mr. Langlais gave victory, with no reason, to Mathieu.


A. ZICA (ITA) 118:113 in favor of Bojan Miskovic

E. LANGLAIS (FRA) 115:113 in favor of Mathieu Lemair

S. BUGARCIC (SRB) 119:114 in favor of Bojan Miskovic






Reported by: Mr. Srdjan Bugarcic