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WAKO PRO World Title in K-1 rules, +94,100 Kg, Prague (Czech Rep.) 30/09/2017


Great fight and real war could be seen on Saturday night Septembre 30th in beautiful city of Prague. Promoter of WAKO PRO World title was Czech Full contact Union, represented by its Professional division (WAKO PRO Czech Republic).

The main event of the final night of WAKO European K1 Cup was WAKO PRO World title bout in K1 Rules, +94.100 kg. The title holder was Mr Petr Vondracheck, former K1 WGP fighter, one of the best European fighters of all times. Due to the injury he could not defend title on time and he decided to give it up. Challengers for the title were Stefan Andjelkovic, WAKO amateur World Champion from Serbia and Daniel Skvor, at the moment, one of the best Czech and European Super Heavy weight fighters.

First round started slowly with both fighters respecting each other but after the first moments Daniel has placed two good front kicks to put Stefan on canvas. Stefan has tried to cut the distance and to go with hard low kicks. Both fighters wanted to try to finish fight as soon as possible and hard exchange of real bombs started. In one of those exchanges Daniel was better and more precise and he put Stefan down. Referee, Mr Jan Frana from Czech Republic had to count Stefan to eight. Even being in very hard position Stefan had managed to survive this round.

Second round Stefan started again with big low kicks which made huge problems to Daniel.
Daniel still wanted to go close and deliver big shots. He caught Stefan with few uppercuts but still with big low kicks Stefan managed to win this round.

Third round was on side of Daniel who was better, more precise and more aggressive fighter.
Stefan managed to deliver strong and fast left high kick that stopped Daniel for a while.
Everybody expected that next round will bring more action from this two great fighters. And it did.
At the beginning of it was the same picture, Stefan with low kicks and Daniel with strong punches. After one left low kick made by Stefan, Daniel stopped and Referee had to count him down.
It looks like that kick woke Daniel up and he put a massive pressure on Stefan. He put him in the corner and after the combination of hard punches Stefan was down for the second time. Referee counted him to eight and he was able to continue but Daniel came strong to finish the job. After another combination, Stefan was without power to fight back and in serious trouble, so that made his coach to put the towel in to the ring and stop the fight.

Winner by A.B. and new WAKO PRO World Champion is Daniel Skvor from Czech Republic.
Congratulations to these real warriors.
WAKO PRO is proud to have such a fighters and such a Champions.


Supervisor: Srdjan Bugarcic (Serbia)
Referee: Jan Frana (Czech Republic)
Neutral Judge: Marco Pacor (Italy)
Neutral Judge: Vadim Zelev (Lithuania)
Judge: Jiri Bel (Czech Republic)

Srdjan Bugarcic
WAKO PRO Technical Director

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