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WAKO PRO World title in K-1 rules +94,100 Kg, Prague (Czech Republic) 28/07/2016

Great fight on great tournament would be the words to express what we could see in beautiful city of Prague on last July 27, 2016. Promoter of WAKO PRO World title on Prague’s city beach „Zlute Lazne“ on Vltava river has been Czech Full contact Union, represented by its Professional division (WAKO PRO Czech Republic) leaded by Mrs. Alena Hola, former WAKO World Champion. Promoter of Yangames tournament which hosted title bout has been Yangames represented by Mr. Adrian Smrcka.

The people who had worked very hard for this event and made it to be a great success are famous WAKO members, Mr. Jan Frana, one of the best WAKO referees, Mr. Petr Kares, well known WAKO fighter, medalist from World and European Championships and winner of many tournaments and Mrs. Monika Soukalova.

The main event on tournament was WAKO PRO World title defense in K1 Rules, super heavy weight. The title holder was Mr. Petr Vondracheck, former K1 WGP fighter, one of the best European fighters of all times. This great and experience fighter had to face young and brilliant, top ranked WAKO PRO fighter Sasa Polugic from Serbia. Sasa is current WAKO World Champion. He took the title on last years WAKO World Championships held in Belgrade.

More than 3.000 spectators on open air, were witnesses of great performance showed by both fighters. Huge experience and physical performance of Petr Vondracheck and desire and fighting spirit of Sasa Polugic made them all to enjoy in real and great WAKO PRO title fight.

First round started slowly with both fighters respecting each other but after the first minute Champion showed a part of his ability delivering hard low kicks. Sasa have tried to answer with boxing punches with plan to catch Petr with one of powerful punches.

Second round Petr started again with big low kicks but in one of this he was caught by massive straight punch from Sasa. Petr was in problem, Sasa continued with thunderous punches and it looked like Petr will be demolished. But only because his great experience he has managed to survive this round. That was the big chance for Sasa. Everybody expected that Sasa will go forward with all of his weapons but he was to reserved in next round and Petr came back to the game again.

After three rounds small advantage was on Sasa’s side. Then in fourth Petr has managed to continue with hard low kicks which bring him to win this round. It was equal before the fifth round started.

The last round did not bring the best kickboxing because both of them were very tired but still it was very aggressive and hard round. At the end it looked like that it will be very close decision. And it was.

Judge Jiri Bel from Czech Republic scored 49:48 for Vondracheck.

Judge Yury Lakhtikov from Estonia scored 49:49, advantage for activity to Petr Vondracheck.

Judge Sami Savo from Finland scored 49:49, advantage for more points in last round to Sasa Polugic.

Winner and still WAKO PRO World Champion in K1 rules, +94.100 kg is Petr Vondracheck.

It was close fight and he won it just for one point. Sasa will remember this chance that he did not take for all of his life. He was so close to it, but still, as a young fighter he needed much more to get the title from legend like Petr Vondracheck.


Supervisor: Srdjan Bugarcic (Serbia)

Referee: Jan Frana (Czech Republic)

Neutral Judge: Yury Lakhtikov (Estonia)

Neutral Judge: Sami Savo (Finland)

Judge: Jiri Bel (Czech Republic)

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Srdjan Bugarcic
WAKO PRO Technical Supervisor