20/06/2016 - 16.00

WAKO PRO World title in K1 rules, Kosice, Slovakia – 04.06.2016

Another great WAKO PRO event.
This time WAKO PRO had its title event in Slovakia.
Beautiful city of Kosic hosted the female WAKO PRO World title bout in K1 rules.
Promoter of the event was Mr. Peter Bonk, under the patronage of Ms. Michaela Kovacova and Slovak Kickboxing Union leaded by Mr. Peter Onuschak, WAKO PRO representative for Slovakia.
The title on the table was WAKO PRO World title in K1 rules, 56 kg.

Champion Malgorzata Dymus from Poland had to face Challenger and WAKO amateur World Champion Veronika Petrikova from Slovakia. First round of the bout started very lively and aggressive from both sides. Exchanging good strikes and kicks both fighters showed that they were ready to win the fight. Second and third round was in favor of Challenger. Petrikova was better, more active and she made advantage with good low kicks. After two rounds Champion Dymus was aware that things were not going well for her so she opened round with very good and powerful punches. During second round she was chasing Petrikova delivering strong punches and kicks. She won that round. The last one was the one to decide about the winner. Dymus started very strong but as time was passing by her attacks became weaker and weaker, that was the chance for Petrikova. She took the chance completely, she was stronger, more precise and more dangerous fighter in last round. She won it clearly and for this it was finally decided who was the winner. Veronika was better fighter that night and she deserved to become WAKO PRO World Champion.

JAN FRANA (CZECH REPUBLIC) 50:47 in favor of Veronika Petrikova
ZORAN SIMURINA (SERBIA) 49:47 in favor of Veronika Petrikova
ROMAN MOZNY (SLOVAKIA) 50:47 in favor of Veronika Petrikova


Reported by: Mr. Srdjan Bugarcic

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