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WAKO PRO World Title in Low Kick Kg -64,500, Jagodina (Serbia) 27/02/2016

February 27th, 2016 Jagodina, Serbia

Such as in the last couple of years new WAKO PRO seasons started again this year in Serbia.
This time it was WAKO PRO World title bout in low kick, 64.500 kg.
Two very best WAKO PRO fighters had a chance to fight for it.
From one side WAKO European Champion from Bilbao 2014, Andoni Iglesias Dela Cruz, from Spain, and on the other side WAKO World Champion from Belgrade 2015, Aleksandar Konovalov from Serbia. In front of more than 3.000 spectators in sport hall Jassa in Jagodina, Serbia, two brave fighters showed why they are among the best ones.

Promoter of the event was Mr. Dragan Markovic, President of City Assembly of Jagodina.
Among many guests from political and sport life of Serbia in the audience were Minister of foreign affairs of Republic of Serbia, Minister of Energy and Mining, President of Sport Union of Serbia. Beside Promoter, Mr. Dragan Markovic, host of this spectacular event also President of Serbian kickboxing federation and President of WAKO Dr Borislav Pelevic was there.
After a couple of prestige fights where audience could see some of the best Serbian fighters, we came to the main event of the evening, WAKO PRO World title in low kick, 64.500 kg.
Both fighters promised the day before on press conference that they would give their best to win this title. And they did it for sure.

First round started slowly with single punches and kicks exchange.
Konovalov was more aggressive, which was expected since he was at home.
In one of his actions right high kick came out of nowhere and lended on Andoni’s neck.
Andoni was frozen but he managed to stay on his feet. It was close to the end of first round and Konovalov tried to finish him but he couldn’t. Andoni was to strong for the moment.

Second round was all about Konovalov as he tried really hard to finish job but Andoni was coming back. In third round fight was equal with Andoni back in the game again. He was strong, aggressive and he gave a lot of problems to Konovalov. Forth round was more slow as Konovalov was on too fast for Andoni and he tried to keep him on distance.

The last, fifth round was the one that brought final decision about new Champion.
We all expected slow start from both fighters but Andoni decided to go for all or nothing.
He had very good action with couple of punches reaching his target. But, unlucky for him, it looks like this only made Konovalov very angry. He came back with right hook which was start of the end of Andoni that night. With couple of more strong punches Andoni was down. He stood up but was not able to continue. Referee Zoran Simurina could only count him off.
With k.o. in fifth round Aleksandar Konovalov became new WAKO PRO World champion in low kick, 64.5 kg.

Champion belt was given to him by MR. Aleksandar Sostar, President of Sport Union of Serbia. National TV station B92 broadcasted event live.

Officials Supervisor: Srdjan Bugarcic (Serbia)
Neutral Judge: Yury Lakhtikov (Estonia)
Neutral Judge: Gabor Szabo (Hungary)
Judge: Zarko Vukovic (Serbia)

Srdjan Bugarcic
WAKO PRO Technical Supervisor