13/03/2018 - 19.01

World title in Low Kick, 64.5 kg and European title in K1 78.1, March10th, 2018, Jagodina

March 10th 2018: in Jagodina, Serbia, Aleksandar Konovalov was confirmed world champion in Low kick -64,5, while Nemanja Pantelic won the European title in K1 -78,1

Another great WAKO PRO event took place in Jagodina, Serbia, on March 10th, 2018.
In front of more than 3.000 spectators at the sport hall Jassa, two WAKO PRO title fights were disputed.
Promoter of the event was Dragan Markovic, president of City Assembly of Jagodina. Among the many guests in the audience, there were representatives from Serbia's political and sports life, as the Minister of foreign affairs of Republic of Serbia, and the Minister of Energy and Mining.

The first fight regarded the WAKO PRO European title fight in K1 rules, under 78.100 kg, that was vacant, The challengers were Mario Nani from Italy and Nemanja Pantelic from Serbia.

It looked like the fight's pressure and importance were a bit too much for these young fighters, so they did not show their best. They fought too tight with a lot of clinching and not much action. In the third round, after a head clash, a big cut was opened on Nani's head. Luckily, doctors immediately intervened and did their job, so he managed to finish the fight.

The two athletes' scores were very close:

Referee: Goran Simurina (Serbia)

Neutral Judge: Henrik Matic (Croatia) 49:48

Neutral Judge: Gabor Szabo (Hungary) 49:48

Judge: Zoran Simurina (Serbia) 50:49

All three were in favour of Nemanja Pantelic from Serbia, who was proclaimed the new WAKO PRO European Champion in K1 rules, 78.100 kg.

The main event of the gala in Jagodina was the WAKO PRO World title defence in Low kick, -64.500 kg. The champion Aleksandar Konovalov met the challenger from Portugal, Vitor Coimbra.

Vitor Coimbra stated during the press conference that he came to Serbia to gain a belt but he had no chance to do it that night.

In front of 3.000 very loud spectators the champion knocked him out in 20 seconds during the first round.
Konovalov, after only a few seconds, performed high spinning back kick that caught Coimbra.
Coimbra tried to fight back but Konovalov came after him like a hurricane and finished him with two hard body punches.
Unfortunately we could not see much from Coimbra but Konovalov was spectacular, like in many previous occasions. He proved once again that he is a top level fighter.


Supervisor: Srdjan Bugarcic (Serbia)

Referee: Zoran Simurina (Serbia)

Neutral Judge: Henrik Matic (Croatia)

Neutral Judge: Gabor Szabo (Hungary)

Judge: Goran Simurina (Serbia)


Srdjan Bugarcic

WAKO PRO Technical Director