22/04/2008 - 17.27





Zoltan Dancso defended his Pro World Champion title and Sandor Szanto has become a European Champion, the Hungarian Light Contact Team’s victory



Recently  the team competition Hungary Vs. Austria  took place during the kickboxing gala organized in Szombathely. According to the agreements the teams had one female and three male fights with 2x2 min. matches.


The Hungarian Light Contact team consisted of: Klara Marton (60 kg), Dezso Debreczeni (63 kg), Attila Olasz (74 kg) and Csaba Podor (+94 kg), leading coach Miklos Zrinyi. The best known fighter of the Austrian team was a long-known person by the Hungarians, Levente Bertalan (74 kg), who is also the pro world champion of his weight category.


During the high standard fights K. Marton and D. Debreczeni won with points 3:0, while A. Olasz lost with the same points against his Austrian opponent, Levente Bertalan. At the last fight Csaba Podor was better with points 2:1 and this way the Hungarians won the competition that was rewarded with great ovation by the audience.


After the Hungarian victory came the Pro European Champion title match between Sandor Szanto and Marko Sarko (Croatia) in 63,5 kg weight category. Besides the stake, in other words Pro European Champion Title the importance of the match was that in fact it was the return match for the final of the World Championships that was held in Belgrade in the last year, where the Croatian fighter was the winner.


According to the above the five round match started furiously, both fighters were in eager attention and desperate. The Croatian tried to wear out his opponent with overrunning attacks but he had little chance for them. Sandor Szanto stopped him with a very calm, clever and harsh manner and with straight and side kicks. He also preceded the attacks of his opponent and got valuable points with hand and leg combinations.


When it was necessary he took the attacks but he lead during the whole fight. His Croatian opponent got tired in the fourth round and it seemed he gave up the match in his mind, and after that he attacked without thought and occasionally and he had no remedy for the attacks of the Hungarian but the fight was very harsh until the end of the fifth round.


The referees (Romeo Desa, Croatia, Michael Pucher, Austria and Zsolt Polgar, Hungary) saw Sandor Szanto better and he received the European Champion belt from dr. Richard Leyrer, President of the Hungarian Kickboxing Federation and Vice-President of WAKO.


The World Champion belt was the stake of the next fight where Zoltan Dancso fought with the multiple Amateur Austrian World Champion, Bernhard Sussitz.


According to the news the Austrian was very self-confident because during the Austrian Classic, at the end of March in Kufstein, he was beaten by Dancso with points 2:1 in 79 kg weight category. Now he felt it was time to hit back at the Pro World Champion title fight.


Even if he had such ambitions these were dropped very soon, right at the beginning of the fight. Zoltan Dancso started with continuous attacks for the sign of judge Peter Galambos and made his opponent understand that his throne is still occupied and not available for his opponent.


The Hungarian fighter started with leg and hand too, made clear hits on his opponent’s body and head. He had very spectacular head kicks that were appreciated by both the audience and surprisingly by his opponent too. Sussitz tried to keep up but Zoltan Dancso gained ascendancy over him during the first three rounds. During the fourth and fifth round the superiority of the Hungarian became unambiguous, but the Austrian, a real fighter and sports man did not give up and kept on trying. He managed to make some hits but he could not change the match.


The fight was very harsh until the last round and it had the result that after a clash Sussitz made a painful face, put up his hand showing that he was injured. The doctor diagnosed that his shoulder was dislocated and he did not allow him to continue the fight. This way the local favorite, the four times Amateur European Champion and four times Amateur World Champion Zoltan Dancso defended his Pro World Champion title again, as he had done in every year since 2000.


According to the point sheets all referees saw Dancso better so independently form the injury he would  win the fight if they could have finished all the rounds. As the closure of the event dr. Richard Leyrer put the World Champion belt onto Dancso’s waist and after that the fans celebrated their ”old-new” champion for a long time.



Peter Galambos