Saturday 15/03/2014
Location: Cermenate (CO), Italy Contact: Marco Antognaccetti ()

Bornout Fighting Night, Cermenate (CO), Italy, 15/03

On March 15th in Cermenate (CO), Italy, during the gala BORNOUT FIGHTING NIGHT promoted by Mr. Marco Antognaccetti, a prestige fight (3x3) in Low Kick Kg -60 was disputed between ELIO PINTO (Italy) and RAHMANE FARHAT, from France.
The Italian fighter, who is also current WAKO PRO European champion of that category, won the fight at the 3rd round by KO.
Initially the challenger was picked up from Croatia but then Farhat proved to be a good replacement. Thank you very much to Mr Ahmed Zalegh, WAKO-PRO representative in France, for cooperation.

Pictures coming soon!