Saturday 20/04/2013
Location: Moscow, Russia Contact: FIGHT NIGHTS (

The Battle of Moscow 11

Russian MMA promoting company “FIGHT NIGHTS” will hold a great sporting and social event called “The Battle of Moscow 11” on the 20th of April in Moscow in "Luzhniki" (concert hall “Russia”). The spectators will be offered to see exciting kickboxing and MMA fights. Following this good tradition, the best Russian Fight Nights fighters will face experienced foreign athletes. The result of each of fight will be unpredictable. Over the past two years the “FIGHT NIGHTS” has established a reputation of one of the fastest-growing MMA promotions. Moscow and other Russian cities got accustomed to the motto - “You want to fight? Then fight in the ring”. This tournament will be the second in 2013. It will take place at the famous concert hall “Russia”. Many Muscovites and the guests of the city have come to love this concert hall which is a perfect place for such an event. The main event of the evening will be the fight between one of the brightest European kickboxers Vladimir Mineev and Dutch professional Redouane Cairo. This is a WAKO-PRO cruiserweight (93 kg) title fight. Mineev’s fights have always been a very special thing in the tournament. He is famous for his aggressive style, knockout power and will to win. Vladimir wants to become a top fighter in the world so he seeks to fight more and more powerful opponents. In his turn, Cairo has excellent physical abilities. This experienced fighter is very persistent and really dangerous. The WAKO-pro belt that Cairo possesses proves it one more time. Cairo is one of those guys who can accept Vladimir’s challenge and make this fight very exciting. He is absolutely rightly considered to be one of the most serious opponents Vladimir has ever fought. And who said it would be easy? The upcoming title fight is extremely important for Vladimir because it is a starting point for his participation in the Grand-Prix with other 16 best fighters in the world. Under card Besides, spectators will see some intriguing MMA confrontations. Thus, not very big, but spectacular and really dangerous for any fighter Ali Bagautdinov will face a Japanese fighter. Shoki Ozuka has already had a dozen incredible fights against the best Japanese fighters. Now he came to Russia to win a victory over the Russian athlete. Bagautdinov is ready to fight and show that the spirit of Russian fighters is not weaker than the samurai spirit. Shamil Zavurov is considered to be one of the best fighters in Europe. His lightweight bout will be a pleasant surprise both for the fans of martial arts and for those who are going to get to know this sport closer. His opponent is Eduardo Pacho a representative of the Brazilian martial arts school and the pupil of the famous Nogueira brothers. Constantin Erokhin - a heavyweight with an incredible punching force has already delighted the audience at the ninth “Battle of Moscow”. This time one of the best fighters of Kazakhstan Shahmaral Dzheptisov is ready to experience his punching power. S