Saturday 07/04/2012
Location: Ginasio Benedito Calixto, Brasil Contact: Mr Paolo Zorello (


Confederaçao Brasileira de Kickboxing (Brazilian Confederation of Kickboxing) is pleased of inviting You to the WGP – Wako Grand Prix,  that’s going to happen on April, day 7 of 2012, at 9h00 PM in the city of Itanhaem.

The WGP Kickboxing is the event of most expression in Brazil, and it’s going to be happening at Baixada Santista for the first time, promissing an impactant edition, with fighting that will rise the crowd.

The event will be transmited live and nationally by Bandsports, and reruned by Sport Tv for more than 70 countrys, besides the Combate channel.

One more time the event will exhibit the different modalities of Kickboxing, showing the kind of fight that most pleases currently, the standing fight.

After revealing stars in the biggests events in the world, inside the corners and octagons, CBKB organizes a circuit to bring out the contact sport.

The night fights will surely be part of WGP’s history. Eduardo Vieira will fight for the Panamerican tittle in K1 Rules, 58.200 kg and Rafael Kaiser, the Brazilian belt – Full Contact, 75 kg. Both are preparing themselves at Itanhaem and they are training hard to give a show to whoever goes see them. The night GP will be disputed by 4 athlete