Saturday 25/07/2015
Location: Mauro Pinheiro Gym – SAO PAULO (Brazil) Contact: CBKB - KickBoxing Brasil (

WGP gets to its 25th edition with a belt dispute between Cesinha Almeida and Alex Pereira

The event will be held at São Paulo and will have a Challenger GP, which will define the next Contender to the 71,8Kg belt.

SAO PAULO/BRAZIL - The biggest kickboxing promotion of Latin America is back. On July 25th, WGP Kickboxing will hold its 25th edition featuring as its main event a fight between two of the best Brazilian kickboxers at the moment: Alex "Po Atan" Pereira and Cesar Almeida. It will be their third bout, but now they will fight for the belt of the middleweight division (85 Kg) of the organization.

WGP #25 main fight is really expected by all the Brazilian fans, because of these two fighters history. Cesar Almeida and Alex "Po Atan" Pereira have faced each other twice times, with one victory for each side, both of them by the judges’ decision. This time, they will fight for the belt and to end, once for all, the discussion about who is the best Kickboxer at the division.

Besides its main event, WGP #25 will also have a Challenger GP, a four-man one-night tournament, at the welterweight division (71,8kg), which will put face-to-face 4 Brazilian fighters, disputing the opportunity to fight for the belt that belongs to the reigning champion, Ravy Brunow. Alex "Kangaroo" will fight Bruno Gazani, while Wallace Lopes faces Marcelo Dionísio. The winners from each seed will fight at great decision of the Challenger GP that to be the one who is going to fight for the belt against Brunow.

WGP #25 will have 11 Super Fights in total, with two of them with the participation of international athletes. Tadeu San Martino, one of the biggest names of Brazilian kickboxing history, faces Albaro Gonzales, from Uruguay, and the experienced kickboxer Munil Adriano fights against Damian "El Rayito" Segovia, from Argentina.

"This will be an historic edition, for sure. A Challenger GP with no favorites, all the fighters in a great moment of their careers and the most expected belt dispute of the WGP Kickboxing. Alex and Cesinha are eager to define this contest", says Paulinho Zorello, Executive Director of WGP Kickboxing.

WGP #25 - Full Card

Super Fight 1

K1 Rules - 60 Kg
Felipe Suekuni (Inside Munil Adriano) x Hector Santiago (Santiago Team / Seven Fight Team)

Super Fight 2

K1 Rules - 78 Kg
Michel Papa (UFT) x Thiago "Golden Boy" Conceição (Thailand Top Team)

Super Fight 3

K1 Rules – 78 Kg
Vitor "Super Boy" Oliviera (Terrier Fighter Team) vs Rodrigo Diório (Reforce Fight)

Super Fight 4

K1 Rules - 69,1 Kg
Maycon Oller (ABKB / Serginho Team) x Johnny "Kabeça" (TCT)

Challenger GP – Semifinal 1

K1 Rules - 71,8 kg
Bruno Gazani (União ABC) x Alex "Kangaroo" Alves (Corinthians Kickboxing)

Challenger GP – Semifinal 2

K1 Rules - 71,8 kg
Marcelo "Zika" Dionísio (San Martino Team) vs Wallace "Negão" Lopes (FX Fight Team)

Super Fight 5

Wallyson "Maguila" Carvalho (A2F Arena / Yoshinaga Team) vs Thiago "Beowulf" (China Team)

Super Fight 6

K1 Rules - 75 Kg
Alvaro Gonzales (Total Gym - URU) vs Tadeu San Martino (UFT / San Martino Team)

Super Fight 7

K1 Rules - 69,1 Kg
Damian Segovia (Segovia Team - ARG) vs Munil Adriano (Inside Munil Adriano)

Challenger GP – Final

K1 Rules - 71,8 kg
Semifinal 1 Winner vs Semifinal 2 Winner

WGP Kickboxing Title Bout

K1 Rules - 85 kg
Cesar "Cesinha" Almeida (Super Fight) vs Alex "Po Atan" Pereira (Peso Pesado Team)

WGP #25: Cesar Almeida x Alex "Po Atan" Pereira III
Date: July 25th, 2015
Location: Mauro Pinheiro Gym – SAO PAULO (Brazil)
Time: 8:00 pm (BRT)

Event will be available online Live Streaming at: