30/03/2014 - 23.02

A.Sousa (POR) keeps his World title in Full contact Kg -94,100

On Saturday 29th March small and nice city of Munster in Germany hosted a WAKO PRO World title bout in full contact at Kg -94.100. Champion was Antonio De Sousa from Portugal, very strong and experience fighter with a lot of great fights under his record.

Challenger was one of the best fighters in the World in this class, Eugene Waigel from Germany, two times World and one time European WAKO Champion.
Promoter of the event was Mr. Antonino Spatola, well known promoter and coach from Germany.

In front of 1.000 spectators in his own town Eugene Waigel tried his best against the Portuguese. He started first round very well with calm and easy attacks, holding Champion on distance. On the other side Antonio tried to get inside from the very first moment with big and heavy punches. Eugene was going backward protecting himself and leting Antonio to come forward. In couple of times he made solid punches to Antonios head and body. In this round Champion was too slow for Eugene and could not reach him.

Second round started very aggressive from Champion who was going forward and "head hunting" Challenger. However Eugene was able to keep the distance and to deliver a lot of good, strong punches. Almost at the end of the round Champion caught Eugene in the ropes and they started to exchange big, big hits. One of this thunders reached Challengers head and he was down. It was bad knock down. Referee in charge Dirk Schallhorn from Germany started to count. When he came to eight Eugene did not look at him ready to continue so he decided to count him off. 
Unfortunately too soon that was the end of the fight...

Challenger won the first round and even during second he was little bit better but he made huge mistake because let Champion to come closer and start in fight which is his best side. In one of this exchanges he got final punch that decided winner. It was a pity to have such a great fight with great fighters to end so soon but it happened.
One punch decided winner so WAKO PRO World Champion in full contact Kg -94,100 is still Antonio De Sousa from Portugal.

Referee - Dirk Schallhorn (GER)
Judge 1 - Michaela Kovachova (SVK)
Judge 2 - Marco Pacor (ITA)
Judge 3 - Piero Sicurella (BEL)
Supervisor - Srdjan Bugarcic (SRB)

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