18/10/2012 - 10.11


fin vs por8
Antonio Sousa (Portugal) won the WAKO-PRO Full Contact -94,100 kg world title fight by TKO in the beginning of the 7th round. The finnish Jukka Saarinen sustained a bad cut on the eyebrow late in the 6th round, so the doctor recommended referee Hari Kivioja to stop the fight. Saarinen was given 8-counts in rounds one and six, and was behind on points at the time of the stoppage, despite winning some rounds by himself as well.  

In the Full Contact -65 kg 7th round, Oleksandr Pindrys won Jarkko Jussila by KO in the 6th round. Jussila was doing well, but Oleksandr's rally with heavy punches on the 6th was too much for the veteran fighter. Referee Tuomo Vaahtera first gave Jussila a standing 8-count and second time counted to 10, as the Finn was clearly out on his feet.  

Both fights were action-packed and entertaining encourtes, receiving wide applauds from the audience. The bouts were organised as part of the Fight Festival 32 event in the fully packed Töölön Kisahalli, the venue that hosted the 1952 Olympics boxing tournament as well.