25/02/2008 - 20.07



On last February 23rd, in a day devoted to "soldiers", Moscow hosted an interesting  kickboxing gala called "Best Vs. Best" under the sanctioning of Russian Kickboxing Federation. Promoters were a bunch of kickboxing lovers which included Mr. Yuri N. Ryndin, president of the Russian Kickboxing Federation himself, Vadim Ukraintsev, vice-president  of the same and other collaborators. The idea was to bring back to Moscow kickboxing at the highest level. Actually, they did it with a a beaufitful gala full of lights, music, folklore and super Russian fighters, really among the best in the world.

The event took place in Basketball sport-hall of CSKA, the sport complex of Russian Army, capable of sitting 5 thousand spectators. In this temple of basket, which for one night had become a temple for kickboxing, Russians Ruslan Tozlyan (60 kgs.), Evgeny Grichishkin (69,100), Ibragim Tamazaev (75) in low-kick and Sergey Bogdan (85),Anatoly Nosyrev (+ 94) in full contact fought  respectively against Issam Laafissi (Morocco), Fabio Corelli (Italy), Karadimas Antonio (Greece), Damion Caldwell (USA) and Leonardo Komsic (Croatia).

The first two matches, the most interesting, were under the sanctioning of WAKO-RO, the other three respectively under the sanctioning of Wpka, Iska and W5.  Sorry to say that the last three were..a shame and showed everybody that outside the WAKO/WAKO-PRO circuit, at a certain level, there is...the desert, with the exception of Holland.

Result was 5-0 for Russian fighters. All details about the superb night  soon in this web site , in an article written by Ennio Falsoni who was at ringside. 

In the picture, Evgeny Grichishkin who won the world title against Italian Fabio Corelli(best match of the night) with president Yuri Ryndin