20/06/2008 - 10.26



Gordan Jukic, a  Croatian fighter from Pittbull's stable of Marko Zaja (most successful promoter, coach and manager in Croatia) is the new low-kick heavyweight European champion. Jukic has knocked out in 5th roun French Zinedine Harmeur from Mr. Ahmed Zalegh's stable.It happened on last May 11.

Split, Marko Zaja's hometown, is the Croatrian Mecca for fighting sports. 6000 spectators attended the event promoted by Zaja and they enjoied the victories of their heroes, namely Frane Radnic, Luka Kalmeta and Gordan Jukic.

In the same card, a Croatian   team defeated a strong and fierceful  Swiss  team leaded  by famous Alksem Maksutai of Albanian origins.

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