03/07/2008 - 19.22

Great Britain is now making waves!


Just as the new British WAKO Pro president, Master Cris Janson-Piers stated it appears Great Britain are now bringing new, fresh and elite athletes to the sport.

He has worked hard at trials courses and training camps to develop a better breed of fighter.


Sunday 29th June 2008 saw Marlon “The Game” Hunt a multi world champion lift the ultimate crown of the WAKO Pro Cruiserweight World title when he beat the very hardened and tough World Muay Thai Champion Christian Di Paolo under full contact rules.


Hunt paid massive respect to Di Paolo who gave him a 12 round toe to toe battle and showed great strength and fitness throughout. Hunt was the better ring craft technician and scored cleaner shots and combinations which eventually led to his points win.


Hunt will now go back up to Super Cruiserweight to fight for another WAKO Pro World title at the end of this year!


Mr Falsoni gave full support to the 1st ever WAKO Pro K1 rules British title, a style developed to allow the WAKO fighters to have variation in the sport and answer the needs of the people.


Alex Mc Kenzie of Sheffield beat Jonny Mc Askill of Teeside by stoppage in the second round. Mc Askill started off furiously fast and powerful and Mc Kenzie absorbed most of the attacks on his gloves arms and shins. In round 2 Mc Kenzie came out and started to wear Mc Askill down and finally broke through with a barrage of punches which finished the fight in his own corner.


A fantastic fight, creating history in the WAKO history books, with Great Britain now having its very first WAKO K1 Rules champion. This format is already proving popular in the UK and Janson-Piers said “We have upped the game of the full contact fighters, give me a year and we will start to have some serious contenders for any challenger in the K1 system also”


Pictured below is Marlon Hunt with his National Coach and Manager Cris Janson-Piers.


Alex Mc Kenzie having his hand raised aloft as the 1st ever British WAKO K1 Rules Champion.


The Great Britain team welcome any invitation to International Galas or World title challenges.