15/06/2009 - 16.59


Low-kick of Franchi

Italian Bruno Franchi, a "protegé" of Fabio Corelli from Profighting Gym at Rimini, defeating by a split decision Croatian  star Frane Radnic, captured the light middle weight crown in K1 Rules last June 13th in Genova, during a Gala called "The Golden League".

The match was exciting and perfectly fought by both contenders. Frane used more his boxing skill, while the Italian challenger resulted more powerful with his formidable low-kicks. The beauty of the match came exactly from those two different way of interpreting the match.

At the end, the French neutral judge was fundamental to determine the victory of the Italian  fighter while everybody expected a draw.That's life. Probably Marko Zaja, Frane's coach, will ask for a re-match in CRoatia in next August 2009. Why not?