22/12/2009 - 12.35

IVAN STRUGAR (Montenegro) LK WORLD CHAMP. (Kg 85.100)

On 11th December 2009 the main match at Hotel Splendid Grand Prix in Budva (Montenegro) between Ivan Strugar and Mehmet Ozer (Turkey) for the World title in low kick category 85.1 kg, finished at fourth round with KO (Strugar put in KO Mehmet). Only in first round the fight was equal, on the contrary during the second one Strugar dominated. Judge in ring from Serbia (Simurina) stopped for counting once, in second and third round and two time in fourth round then he declared the end of the match.  Ivan Strugar with this victory left this category 85.1 kg and in March 2010 he's planing to attack fifth belt in category 88.6 kg (actual champion is Spanish Silveira).