01/03/2019 - 21.47

Ljubo Jalovi defeats Boban Ilioski in Senshi Tournament

K-1 European title -81,400 Kg and K-1 Intercontinental title -78,100 Kg, in Varna (BUL)

The Senshi event, held on February 23rd in Varna's Sport Hall, Bulgaria gathered more than 4.000 spectators. In the main program there was 9 prestige fights and 2 WAKO PRO title events.
Yordan Yankov, challenger for WAKO PRO European title in 81.400 kg had to withdraw from the event due to ilness (flu and high temperature). He was replaced by the Serbian fighter Ljubo Jalovi, former WAKO World Champion.
Ljubo Jalovi defeated Boban Ilioski from Macedonia by split decision 2:1.
As for the WAKO PRO Intercontinental title in K1 rules, 78.100 Hristian Korunchev (BUL) defeated Nikola Todorovic (SRB) by split decision 2:1.