03/07/2018 - 22.43

Montecarlo Fighting Trophy: Malaury Kalachnikoff and Roman Kryklia new world champions

June 30th 2018: Montecarlo Fighting Trophy was an exciting event and saw Malaury Kalachnikoff (female K1 -62 kg) and Roman Kryklia (male K1 +94.100 kg) as new Wako Pro World champions

Monte Carlo – with 2 World titles – was a high level event.
The first world title, in K1 rules, female, -62 kg saw Teodora Manic (Serbia) vs Mallaury Kalashnikoff (France).
The fight was very dynamic and aggressive from the first round. Teodora was better, at the start and she won the first round.
The second round was won by Kalachnikoff since she dominated from the start and made the difference.
The third one saw a come back for Teodora but the two athletes won an equal score (10:10).
The last two rounds were totally dominated by Kalchnikoff. She was stronger, better and she deserved the title 100%.

Judge Michaela Kovacova (SVK): 49:44 for Kalachnikoff
Judge Tomislav Novosel (CRO): 49:48 for Manic
Judge Gerard Scemama (FRA): 48:47 for Kalachnikoff
Referee: Gabriel La Ruffa (FRA)

The winner was decided by split decision and Malaury Kalachnikoff from France was proclaimed the new WAKO PRO World champion.

The second title was in K1, male, +94.100 kg, and opposed Daniel Skvor (Czech) vs Roman Kryklia (Ukraine).
The first round started very slowly, with almost no points from each side, and just a couple of low kicks.
In the second round Kryklia started doing his job and after a left hook, he put Skvor down.
It was not counted, but in the next action - after a very strong punch with the right hand - Skvor was down and he stayed down. It was K.O.
The new WAKO PRO World champion is Roman Kryklia, from Ukraine.