14/04/2014 - 11.00

Official report: WAKO-PRO titles in Jagodina (Serbia) 11/04/14

On last Friday, April 11, Serbian kickboxing federation and promoter Mr. Dragan Markovic in city of Jagodina hosted Wako Pro event. This time we had two Wako Pro title bouts.

In front of 3.000 spectators in sport hall "JASSA" first title bout was European title defense in low kick division, 64.500 kg. Defender of the title was Italian fighter Marco De Paolis and Challenger Serbian Champion and amateur WAKO World Champion from Guaruja last year Aleksandar Konovalov.

Bout started very aggressive from Aleksandar Konovalov and since the very begging there was only one fighter between the ropes. Champion has tried to stop Challenger with some strong low kicks but there was no stop for him that night. After the combination of punches and kicks Konovalov delivered round house kick to Champion's chin, thundering kick that destroyed De Paolis. All we could see in first half of opening round was brutal power of Konovalov. Referee in charge Zarko Vukovic from Serbia had only one solution, to count Champion out and to declare new Wako Pro European Champion in low kick, 64.500 kg Aleksandar Konovalov from Serbia.

Main event of the evening was Wako Pro World title bout in low kick division, 62.200 kg.
This title was vacant since Champion from Italy Alessandro Riguccini had to give it away due to an eye injury. For this title we had two fighters from the ranking list, Milos Anic, ranked as No.1 and Ramazan Cicek, ranked as No.3. That was also re match since Ramazan Cicek had defeated Milos Anic in final of World championships held last year in Gurauja.

In opening round we could see easy start from both fighters but with some more action from Milos Anic and this round was in his favor. Second one was better for Cicek and it was equal. At the end of the round Ramazan Cicek scored one solid punch with his right hand and Milos was in trouble. But it was the end of the round so it was like "saved by the bell". Next two rounds were little bit more for Milos Anic and the last one was all or nothing for Ramazan Cicek. He tried everything and he won the last round but it was not enough to win the title.

Judges scored:
Judge No1. Zarko Vukovic from Serbia 49:48 for Anic
Judge No2. Tomislav Novosel from Croatia 48:47 for Cicek
Judge No3. Aleksandr Babin from Russia 50:47 for Anic

Winner by split decision and new Wako Pro World Champion in low kick division, 62.200 kg is Milos Anic from Serbia.