18/12/2017 - 10.41

Official Results of the last WAKO PRO World titles of the season 2017

Two WAKO PRO World Title bouts in K-1 took place during the last weekend (on 16th of December) in Ponferrada, Spain.

Fight № 1. LUCA CECCHETI (Italy) vs TITO MACIAS (Spain).
Winner by points (3:0) is LUCA CECCHETI from Italy, still WAKO PRO Champion in K-1, weight category - 58.200kg.

Winner by KO is ALEKSANDR MENKOVIC from Serbia, new WAKO PRO Champion in K-1, weight category -78.100kg.


Officials for both matches:
Central Referee: CARLOS CEBALLOS (Spain)
Judge  – JAVIER ALBERCA (Spain)
Neutral Judge 1 – VADIM ZELEV (Lithuania)
Neutral Judge 2 – SAMI SAVO (Finland)
Supervisor – YURY LAKHTIKOV (Estonia).

On same night in Peja, Kosovo, another WAKO PRO World title bout was held for the World title in Low Kick Kg - 75,00 between KADİR TAŞTAN (Turkey) - title holder - and SHPEJTIM AHMETAJ (Kosovo) as challenger. A local victory occurred, new champion of the category is SHPEJTIM AHMETAJ (Kosovo) who was awarded (in the picture below) by Mr. Fatmir Makolli, President of national Kickboxing Federation in Kosovo.

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