11/07/2016 - 15.27

Press release from the organiser of 3rd MONTE-CARLO FIGHTING MASTERS 2016

The French icon, Anissa Meksen, Star of the 3rd Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters 2016!

“A triumph”, “spectacular” At the end of the evening, these were the words used to describe the third edition of the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters, which took place at the Louis II Stadium, a world first: 9 fights for 9 Wako Pro Kickboxing world championships!

A prestigious evening, placed under the High Patronage of H.S.H Prince Albert II, to whom the organisers, Cécile Gélabale, Félicia Pouget and Claude Pouget, dedicated the event.

Television broadcasting in 80 countries on 6 TV channels, including 4 live broadcasts

Six television channels, including the traditional partners: SFR Sport (ex. Kombat Sport) and Canal+Sport, as well as l’Equipe 21, Ran Fight (ProsiebenSat group), Eleven, Eleven Sport, broadcasted (four TV channels live) or will broadcast the event in close to eighty countries.

High quality support

The organisers paid homage to all those who contributed to the event’s success, including most importantly: The Princely Government and its Departments, the National Council, Monaco City Hall; “Peace and Sport, The Organisation for Peace through Sport”, “Friends without Borders International”, the Société des Bains de Mer: Monte-Carlo Casino and the Café de Paris; City Sport Monaco; Satri-Groupe Marzocco; Groupe Segond, Rinkage, Thérascience, Holt, Virage, Palumbosy, Roberto Gessi, The La Guardia Group, CPMC Claude Pouget Monte-Carlo, etc.

Sixteen thousand euros were donated by the International Martial Arts Academy of Monaco, the organiser of the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters, to the Monegasque associations: Peace and Sport and Friends without Borders International, to support their endeavours.

These associations awarded a trophy respectively to the Italian world champion, Gabriele Casella and Russian world champion, Aleksei Trifonov, after their victories.

Celebrities to honour the champions!

The following celebrities were invited into the ring to award a trophy to fight winners: Christophe Steiner and Marc Burini, President and Vice-President of the National Council; Jacques Pastor, Deputy Sports Minister, representing the Mayor: Georges Marsan; Louis Ducruet, Antoine de Massy, Marie-Cécile Moreno, Deputy Director of National Education, Youth and Sports; Barbara Falsoni, General Director of the Wako Pro; Borislav Pelevic, President of the Wako, Nasser Nassiri, Vice-President of the Wako; Nadir Allouache, President of the French Federation for Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Related Disciplines; Laurent Dupont, General Director of Peace and Sport and Fiamma Sillari, General Secretary of Friends without Borders International.

Many celebrities attended the event, including the Peace and Sport peace champions: Jean François Tordo, Captain of the French Rugby Team; Pierre Frolla, World Freediving Champion; Willy Kouyate and Adrien Mare, Baja world champion.


Among members of the specialised media, worthy of a particular mention were Daniel Allouche, aka “the voice” who presented the event; the commentators of Canal+sport: Jean-Paul Maillet and Philippe Velghe; from SFR Sport: Bruno Oppenheim, accompanied by Kamel Jemel, Kamel Khemili; Mr and Mrs Barissat, who own the international magazine “Karaté-Bushido”; the journalists: Julien Lanchas from MuaythaiTV; Jérôme Loisel from “infos du fight”; Olivier Angelini from Boxe Mag, and other representatives from prestigious media forms, such as Nice-Matin, Royal Monaco, Mohako, etc.

“Monte-Carlo … Fighting Masters” a brand label recognised worldwide! When it came to the show, the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters reiterated its dynamism, thanks to excellent, high level international positioning. Apart from exceptional fighters, the ring girls were also a notable hit among audience members. Other popular features included the smoke releases, light effects, laser robots, the extraordinary 200m2 stage background bedecked with stars with a main entrance and an 18-metre illuminated walkway ending at the “red and white” ring and accompanied by a plethora of light rays and a varied music selection. Thanks to the led screens and seven cameras, the Monte-Carlo audience benefitted from close proximity to the boxers in the ring, and didn’t miss one moment of the show.

To provide medical support, the organisers entrusted supervision of operations to Dr Philippe Brunner. Five athletes underwent anti-doping tests carried out under the aegis of the Monegasque Anti-Doping Committee.

The security and reception of spectators by professional attendants, was entrusted to a leading Monegasque company. Finally, the prestigious Café de Paris provided chilled champagne and canapés for the SUPER VIPs and VIPs.

Throughout the event, the Kickboxing stars travelled to the various events by “limousine”, flying the colours and the logo of the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters: Place du Casino in Monte-Carlo to take part in the press conference at the Atrium of the famous Monte-Carlo Casino and the Café de Paris, one of the Société des Bains de Mer’s jewels, for the athlete’s weigh-in.

In conclusion, the Principality of Monaco provided all that was required for strong emotions, and a five-star sporting event: famous stars and champions competing in a world first!

A five-star sporting event and a world first: 9 fights for 9 world championships!

A world first: 9 fights for 9 Wako Pro world championships (“Wako Pro World Association of Kickboxing Organizations”), in an organisation constituting the “Pro” branch, recognised by the world Kickboxing Wako organisation, represented in more than 126 countries, recognised, (just like the IFMA for Muay Thai) by the International Olympic Committee, and of which the Monegasque Kickboxing Federation has been a member for more than fifteen years.

International stars and champions chosen by the Wako Pro!

18 international stars and champions chosen by the Wako Pro, including 17 world champions and one European champion, representing 10 nationalities (7 French, 2 Italians, 2 Russians, 1 German, 1 Swede, 1 Belgian, 1 Serb, 1 Belarussian, 1 Kyrghyz and 1 Bulgarian), took part in the event, refereed by the world’s best referees, selected and recognised by the Wako Pro.

The H.S.H Prince Albert II Cup for the international icon- Frenchwoman- Anissa Meksen

Among the stars of the evening, Frenchwoman, Anissa Meksen, who holds 10 world champion titles, made a lasting impression by unanimously winning over judges and spectators, and even before the decision was announced, her opponent, Therese Gunécision. The Frenchwoman was awarded the title of Wako Pro 2016 world champion and was presented with the prestigious H.S.H Prince Albert II Cup by Marie-Cécile Moreno, Deputy Director of National Education, Youth and Sports, succeeding the Thai boxing legend, Buakaw.

Simply superb fights!

All the fights were of an exceedingly high quality with, to end this exceptional event on a high note, a fight between the two most offensive international stars: Belarussian, Chingiz Allazov and German, Enriko Kehl, whose strength and fiery opposition delighted spectators. Allazov won thanks to an impressive K.O in the 5th round, which was seen around the world thanks to television and internet broadcasts.

Allazov’s performance is even more noteworthy when we remember that the German recently scooped the prestigious K1 World Max when he competed equally with the mythical Buakaw and lost by split decision to the Italian, Giorgio Petrosyan….

A prominent feature was the excellent performance of all the athletes and in particular, the winning Wako Pro 2016 world champions: Yohan Lidon, who won his 14th world title, Youssef Boughanem, Cédric Doumbe, Dylan Salvador (who won through TKO), Cédric Tousch, Gabriele Casella and Aleksey Trifonov.

This 3rd edition of the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters kept all its promises. Exceptional champions, who clashed with one another in unique fights. Encounters glorified by a high level show. An event which is set to go down in Kickboxing history.

Sincere thanks go out to our partners, volunteers, spectators and the media.

We hope we can count on your loyalty and support for the 4th edition!

Meanwhile, soon you will be able to relive the event on SFR Sport, l’Equipe 21 and Canal+Sport (27 July and 5 August).

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