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Report: WAKO PRO World title in Low Kick +94.100 kg, Sarajevo (BiH) 11/03/2016

Sarajevo, beautiful Olympic sport center Zetra, on last March 11, hosted for the first time one WAKO PRO event. It was WAKO PRO World title bout in low kick, +94.100 kg.
It was the first title defense of World famous fighter Dzevad Poturak.
In his long and succesful career Dzevad was fighting with very best K1 fighters all around the World. He was never defeated in his home land for 12 long years. The day before, during press conference we could see that both fighters were ready and very motivated for the fight.
Dzevad tried to use his big experience and to play some "mind games" with Challenger Michal Turynski from Poland. They came face to face after weigh in and Dzevad was really into the face of Michal pushing his head and asking him "Are you ready, are you ready for me?"...
Event on Friday night was "No limit no. 8". During the event we could see 8 man tournament in K1 rules, 85 kg. Igor Emkic, great fighter from Bosnia, has defeated all of his opponents by k.o. in first round. He spent less than 2 rounds in the ring that night.

For the main event atmosphere was really good and when Dzevad started to march towards the ring audience was in delirium. Fight started very slowly. In first round we could see only couple of good low kicks from Dzevad and some quality punches from Michal. Champion did not want to risk anything, he just wanted to play his own game waiting for Challenger to come and try to take the title away from him. The same we could see in the second round. Only the fact that Michal was better in moving around the ring. Third round was the best one for Champion. He started to attack more often with double left punches and combination of punches and kicks. That round was all in favour of him. Unfortunately after this round from Dzevad’s corner came out that he was injured, his right arm was in bad situation. He could continue and wanted to do it so badly. He never wanted to give up. But, at the end it was really too much for him. Last two rounds Michal was better and he won the title of WAKO PRO World Champion in low kick, +94.100 kg.
Decision of Judges was split. Two Neutral Judges scored one point in favour of Michal Turynski and Judge from Bosnia two points in favour of Dzevad Poturak. Congratulations to new Champion but for sure congratulations and huge respect to Dzevad Poturak, great and brave fighter.
He was main Promoter of the event, working on it for two months.
Also he was preparing and training for his big fight. During third round he suffered very heavy injury, biceps muscle on his right arm was broken.
However that condition could not stop him to give all in order keep belt at home.
There are not so many fighters in the World that would do that and fight till the end.
Respect to him and all that he gave to kickboxing for all these years.
We wish him very fast and successful recovery.
The talk about rematch already started, but this is another story!!!

Supervisor: Srdjan Bugarcic (Serbia)
Referee: Ismail Bosnjak (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Neutral Judge: Goran Simurina (Serbia)
Neutral Judge: Gabor Szabo (Hungary)
Judge: Emir Tarahija (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Srdjan Bugarcic
WAKO PRO Technical Supervisor