10/02/2009 - 19.36

RESULTS FROM BRASIL 31/01 and 7/02


31st January

Desafio Brasil de KickBoxing

San Paolo


At the end of 5 rounds winner by points is Marco Ghibaldo ( Messico ) vs  Fabio Silva ( Brasil ) in  Full Contact at Kg -71.8


Wellington Uega ( Brasil ) won Antonio Porraga ( Equador ) on 5 rounds by points in K1 rules at Kg -71.8.

 Uega is the new Panamerican Champion.


7th February

A Revanche

Guarapuava, Paraná


Guto Inocente ( Brasil ) won Ezequiel Zarate ( Argentina ) on first round by KO in K1 rules at Kg + 94.1.

Guto is the new Panamerican Champion. 


Deucélio Rodrigues ( Brasil ) won Milos Anic ( Serbia ) third round by KO in Low Kick at Kg -58.2.

Rodrigues is the new World Champion. 



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