07/03/2011 - 17.04




Belgrade,  "the kickboxing Mecca of the Balkans" - as Mr. Falsoni stated in his inaugural speech of the Wako-Pro World Grand Prix which started last March 5th -, saw a magnificent show which was offered by the Serbian Kickboxing Federation to the 3000 spectators who gathered in the "Pioneer sport-hall".

The Serbian team , which displayed great skills and some fabulous fighters, won the match 4-1. Here it is the official results of each single match :


SERBIA                                                                                                      GREECE

Milos Anic (Kg -60)        def. by K.O. (1st round)                 Nikos Xisen (Kg -60)     

Aleksandar Topic (Kg -66.800)   def. by points                  Alexis Siros (Kg -66.800)
Stevan Zivkovic (Kg -75)        loses by points against      Nikos Papadimitriou (Kg -75)
Uros Bogojevic (Kg -81.400) def. by points                        Alexandros Nikolaidis (Kg -81.400)
Nenad Pagonis (Kg -94)   def. by K.O. (1st round)             hanasis Michaloudis (Kg -94)


Serbian national TV put on air the show live during prime time and it had 250.000 viewers (5th best rate of the country)!


Most sincere congratulations to Mr. Borislav Pelevic and Srdjan Bugarcic for their excellent job!


Next event of the Grand Prix will be in Romania on March 18th presenting Romania Vs. Italy.