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The Monte-Carlo Fighting Trophy - a Clash of the Titans on 30th June!

Kickboxing: 2 World Championships and 4 Prestige Fights!

On Friday 30 June 2017, from 8:30 to 11pm, Stade Louis II’s, Salle Gaston Médecin will be the stage of the first edition of the Monte-Carlo Fighting Trophy, presented by the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters and its President, Félicia Pouget; with the support of Cécile Gélabale and Claude Pouget, their team, and l'Eté Restaurant & Cabaret-Club on the Port of Monaco.

This unique and unmissable show and fights are suitable for all!

The line-up of this professional Kickboxing gala features two Wako Pro World Championships and four Prestige Fights, including four Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters Belts or Trophies.

The athletes, representing five different countries (France, Italy, Ukraine, Belgium and Poland), will clash in a spectacular display of K1-Rules kickboxing, which permits the use of jumping knee kicks and back-fists, as well as more traditional boxing techniques.

Created in 2013, the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters, a concept which is unique in the world, presents only World Championships. Equal in terms of quality, the Monte-Carlo Fighting Trophy is more open. On the one hand, it allows seasoned stars, mainly World Champions, to meet head to head to scoop a Wako Pro World Champion title or a Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters Belt. And on the other hand, it offers rising stars a unique launching pad to fame by offering a chance to win the Monte-Carlo Fighting Trophy Belt.

This major event will see a fight for the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters Belt between two world famous super heavyweight World Champions (+94.200 kg): Reunion Island’s Fabrice Aurieng, aged 35, 1.87m and 110kg, with 144 fights to his name and 129 victories, (including 30 KOs), will face 3x 3-minute rounds with Ukrainian star, Roman Kryklia, aged 26, 2m and 100kg, named best fighter in 2016, with 38 fights to his name and 34 victories, including 26 KOs. Experience pitted against youth, with equal amounts of talent, fame and punch- all the ingredients required for an explosive fight!

Another super heavyweight fight will be that between France’s recent Wako Pro European Champion, Nordine Mahieddine, aged 27, 1.88m and 110kg, and an opponent who will be named shortly, which could very well be another European championship on the line-up in the premier super heavyweight class!

The heavyweight (-88.600 Kg) Gregory Grossi from Nice, aged 32, and 1.95m- a recent K1-Rules Wkn World Champion and Wako Pro European Champion, will face off for the Wako Pro world title, with Pole, Dawid Kasperski, aged 26, 1.87m, a triple Wako World Cup winner in 2013, 2014 and 2016, Wako European Champion 2016 and winner of the Super Kombat World Grand Prix in 2014; with a total of 137 fights and 114 victories, (including 25 KOs)!

Frenchman, Giovanni Gross, aged 29, 1.62m, double K1-Rules World Champion ISKA 2017 and WBC 2014, European Wako Vice-Champion 2008 with 272 fights under his belt, 239 victories (19 KOs), will be pitted for the Wako Pro Bantamweight World Champion title (-56.400 kg) against Belgian, Yassine Moutacin, aged 23, 1.67m, Wfca European Champion 2015, having fought 82 fights with 57 victories (29 KOs).

For the other Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters Belt, there will be an explosive 3x3-minute rounds between lightweight Italian fighter, Chiara Vincis, aged 22, K1-Rules ISKA 2016 World Champion and K1-Rules WKU 2016 European Champion, with 38 fights to her name, including 24 victories (4 KOs) and the young French World Champion, Mallaury Kalachnikoff, aged 20, with 25 fights and 22 victories under her belt!

In the Masters Series, there will be two fights for two Monte-Carlo Fighting Trophy Belts:

One lightweight fight between quadruple World Champion (Wpmf 2017, Mta 2002, SB 2002 and Wfkb 2006), and triple K1 Rules European Champion (Wfc, W pkc 2015) and Muay Thai (Wpmf 2016), Nice-based Frenchman, Johny Tancray, aged 44, 1.82m, having fought 113 fights, with 81 victories (55 KOs), who will fight 3x3-minute rounds with rising French star, Karim Jabri, aka the Golden Boy, aged 25, 1.76m, with 36 fights to his name, 30 victories and 10 KOs.

The other will be between Frenchman, Issam Arabat Ziane, aged 29, 1.72m, AFSO 2016 World Champion and Wfc 2015 European Champion, having fought 84 fights, with 64 victories (8 KOs), who will come up in a fratricidal and vengeful clash, in what promises to be a lively fight against Frenchman, Antonin Bohbot, aged 24, 1.70m, winner of the World GBC Tour 2016 Tournament, triple French Kickboxing Champion 2011, Full-Contact and K1-Rules (2012), who will strive to confirm his previous victory against the World Champion.

An explosive combination!

With this event, the Monegasque organisers, who have already planned 24 World Championships in just four years, will add a further 2 to their list to make 26!

To book a place, visit: www.mcfm.net or go to Fnac, Carrefour etc.

Tel: +33 6 07 93 31 36 

Dates for your diary:

• Press conference: Thursday 29 June 2017 at 12pm at L’ÉTÉ Restaurant & Cabaret-Club on the Port of Monaco.
• The official public weigh-in of athletes: Friday 30 June 2017 at 12pm at L’ÉTÉ Restaurant & Cabaret-Club;
• Fight Night: Friday 30 June 2017 from 8:30 to 11pm at Stade Louis II.


Please support this charity initiative.


-Stands 15€ (free choice of seating)

- VIP Ring (Numbered seating. Tray with drinks and snacks provided during the event): 50€ (Bronze and Bronze Premier – 5th and 4th row) – 100€ (Silver – 3rd row) – 200€ (Gold- 2nd row) – 300€ (Platinum -1st row)