19/06/2012 - 11.13



The president of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Tomislav Nikolic, on last Friday afternoon  (June 14th), met the Wako leaders and the fighters of Serbia and Russia in his private office.

The warm reception was organized by Mr. Borislav Pelevic, president of the Serbian Kickboxing Federation and promoter of the "final match" of our Wako-Pro World Grand Prix which was held in the Expo center of the local Holiday Inn Hotel in Belgrade in front of national Tv (the show went on air live) and national radios.

Mr. Nikolic  showed a great interest  about our final event of the 2012 Wako-Pro WGP and addressed  kind words to the fighters of both teams and to our delegation which was composed of Wako president Ennio Falsoni and of three Wako vice-presidents such as Mr. Richard Leyrer (Hungary), Mr. Werner Sossna (Germany) and Mr. Borislav Pelevic himself.

The  cordial official meeting lasted 30 minutes during which our president Ennio Falsoni had also the chance to talk to him about different   topics like the future of Serbia in  the European Community.

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